League Power Picks - 12.16

League Power Picks - 12.16

Now that the changes from the latest patch have settled, let's take a look at some of the best picks in the meta.


ADCs are incredibly powerful right now, with champions like Caitlyn, Twitch and Sivir dominating the meta. All of these hyper-carries synergise incredibly well with Lulu, making her one of the best picks on the patch.

Lulu can increase your ADC's damage and protect them from incoming threats, making them less vulnerable. Shurelya's Battlesong is usually the best Mythic to rush on Lulu. Carries like Sivir and Twitch are already very mobile, and can have ridiculous movement speed with Lulu's W and Shurelya's.

Lucian and Nami

Another potent bot lane is Lucian and Nami. Individually, both champions are decent, but are phenomenal when paired together. Their early game trades from level 2 are very strong, when Lucian can dash in while Nami casts her E to proc Lucian's passive.

Lucians have recently started taking First Strike to increase his burst damage even more. Nami's Tidal Wave has also increased in value with the amount of low mobility ADCs in the meta, as they're forced to back away else get knocked up and slowed.


When played well, Shaco can be one of the most infuriating champions to face in solo queue. After receiving buffs in 12.12, Shaco has been a very consistent pick over the last few patches and currently has a 51% win rate in Platinum ranks and above.

Shaco's stealth allows him to pull off clean ganks in the early game, before becoming an elusive nuisance in the late game. He can also build AD or AP and diversify your damage profile.


Despite receiving a small nerf in 12.15, Diana is still a really solid pick in the jungle. She's one of few viable AP junglers in the meta, and offers high damage output with a very strong team-fighting ult.

Her new Sunfire Aegis + Conqueror build is still powerful. During extended skirmishes, she becomes very tanky and is nearly unkillable while outputting a lot of damage. This build also guarantees you can get off a huge ult, instead of squishier damage builds where Diana can die before ulting.

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