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Imagine a tournament where you play with your teammates against worthy opponents. Where you meet no cheaters and win real prizes. No matter how high your rank, Gamercraft has a tournament for you.

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How Gamercraft works

Our app is fully integrated and tracks live game data to make your life easier.

No Cheaters Allowed

Using our anti-cheat algorithms, we check for smurfing at account sign up so that only Verified accounts are able to play.

Find Worthy Opponents

Using your League of Legends statistics, we automatically place you in a division to ensure fairness and competitiveness.

Create or Find a team

Compete in our skill based tournaments, accumulate victories and points to make it to the top of the leaderboards.

Win Real Prizes

Our Tier Leagues and free and paid Tournaments all have over $25,000 in monthly prizes.

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Trusted and loved by gamers of all rank

“Gamercraft is my go to place for competitive tournaments. It’s not a wild west/free-for-all ranking situation like other places out there. Tournaments are organized, prizes are good, admins are great.”
Gold I League of Legends Player
“I'm super excited to be apart of Gamercraft and I'm looking forward to teaching you guys using all the knowledge I've acquired through my years of playing at the highest level.”
Mike Yeung
UC Irvine’s Jungler & Former LCS Pro
“This is a great app and community. A great way to strengthen the NA region and make it better and more competitive.”
League of Legends Player

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