Champion Synergy: Ashe and Braum

Ashe and Braum make for a fantastic duo in the bot lane, thanks to their power in the early and late game, and the ability to lock down targets with layers of hard CC.

Champion Synergy: Ashe and Braum

Champion Synergy - Ashe and Braum

Hailing from the Freljord, this icy bot lane can shut down lanes due to their CC layering and transition into team fights with hard engage and strong peel; let’s dive in.

Laning Phase

Braum’s passive (Concussive Blows) is one of the strongest in the early game, as it can stun targets after they have been auto attacked 4 times. Considering this can be procced by Braum’s auto attack or his Q (Winter’s Bite), Ashe can easily follow up with her auto attacks and the slow provided by her passive (Frost Shot). Therefore, your enemies in the early game can be slowed by Braum’s Q, then by Ashe’s passive or W (Volley), before being stunned by Braum’s passive, and this CC chain can be enough to secure you a kill in the early game.

Although Braum will be more likely to start an engage by landing his Q, he can also follow up on a target that has been slowed by Ashe’s passive or W. Braum can also use his W (Stand Behind Me) as a gap closer to jump to a minion that is close to an enemy, catching them off guard as he lands a Q or auto attack to proc his passive:

You won’t be using Unbreakable (E) too much during the laning phase, but it can block any attempts the enemy bot lane uses to poke or trade back or reduce the damage you take as you move into the minion wave to kill a minion for your Relic Shield stacks. It can be used offensively too, as it increases Braum’s movement speed by 10% and can be the difference maker in proccing the final stack of your passive.

Team Fights

When it comes to team fights, peel and engage are the name of the game for this duo. Ashe’s R (Enchanted Crystal Arrow) makes for a fantastic engage tool, with its stun duration increasing with the distance it travels and its ability to catch enemies off guard as it flies in from unexpected angles. Meanwhile, Braum’s R (Glacial Fissure) can also be used as a great engage tool in a choke point, but can work well as a disengage tool to dissuade enemies from chasing further.

Ashe should be looking to stay safe in the backline, slowing any enemies that are caught too far forward and shredding through the team from the back line. Braum’s positioning will be a little more flexible, as he can either be in the front or back line. On the front line, look for opportunities to use your R and use your Unbreakable (E) to absorb as much damage and as many skillshots as possible; once your shield is about to dissipate, use Stand Behind Me (W) on an ally to escape and join your team. On the back line, you should be looking to protect your vulnerable carries from any threats using your various CC tools.

Keystone Runes and Items

Hail of Blades is a great choice on Ashe, as the increased attack speed can make it much easier to quickly proc Braum’s passive and stun a target. Taking Guardian on Braum provides an additional layer of protection for your carriers, and is quite easy to proc between your Stand Behind Me (W) and Unbreakable (E).

If the enemy has a lot of assassins or bruisers, Immortal Shieldbow can protect you from being blown up; if not, Kraken Slayer is a great Mythic choice for Ashe. This can be followed up with the standard AD build of Berserker Greaves, Kraken Slayer, Infinity Edge and Guardian Angel. Locket of the Iron Solari enhances Braum’s tankiness and provides an AoE shield for your team. Knight’s Vow can be purchased to increase the damage dealt by one of your carries and reduce the damage they take, while Anathema’s Chains can make a fed enemy carry much more vulnerable to your CC.


Ashe and Braum make for a fantastic duo in the bot lane, thanks to their power in the early and late game, and the ability to lock down targets with layers of hard CC.


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