Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific Caldera Map Breakdown

Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific Caldera Map Breakdown

The Pacific Caldera map is one of the most important pieces of content added to Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone. The map takes players back to the 1940s with maps and environments emitting a World War 2 vibe. Since its release on December 8, 2021, the map quickly became one of the favorites of many players in the Call of Duty community. If you are new to the game, our breakdown of the Caldera map will be able to help you navigate the map and have the tactical advantage in every game.

Caldera Map Breakdown

Here is a breakdown of all the important points of interest in Pacific Caldera.

A. Arsenal

The Naval Arsenal area is dominated by a military shipyard and it can enable both outdoor and indoor combat thanks to a number of tactical positions.

B. Docks

The Industrial Docks area is based on the Shipment map and it is designed for closed-quarters combat. If you are proficient with shotguns, you will have a great time in this POI.

C. Runway

Runway is located in the Northeast corner of the map with forests dominating the region. There are a lot of single buildings in the forest that you can control to catch your enemies by surprise.

D. Ruins

It is an untouched archaeological site with crumbling structures. It is usually not contested by other players in Warzone and it can be one of the safer spots on the map.

E. Mines

The Phosphate Mines area has multiple winding pathways and learning the POI can help you ambush unsuspecting players with ease.

F. Peak

The Peak area allows players to gain a height advantage over approaching enemies. It is the highest point on the map and it can be a great spot to scout out other players and plan your engagements.

G. Beachhead

This POI is located to the south and it runs down the eastern coast of the map. It is one of the best spots for players who enjoy long sightlines and holding down areas with snipers.

H. Village

This area has a number of farm fields and traditional huts along with gun placements. There is plenty of cover available if you want to engage multiple enemies at once.

I. Lagoon

The final point of interest in the map has a large lighthouse as well as some small bamboo huts. There are some secrets about Captain Butcher for players to discover.

J. Airfield

If you want to get your hands on an airplane, the Airfield is your best bet. There are quite a few hangars that you can take advantage of to take to the skies.

K. Agricultural Center / Fields

The Agricultural Center and the surrounding fields combined form the largest POI on the map. There are plenty of logging camps and isolated farms that you can sneak into for an ambush.

L. Shark’s Lair Submarine Pen / Sub Pen

The Shark’s Lair Submarine Pen or the Sub Pen is the largest military building on the map. Historically, it was built by the Axis forces and players will often find themselves fighting for control of the main building.

M. Power Plant

There is a fairly large power plant with ancient ruins and waterfalls. It is one of the better POIs for mid-range combat with assault rifles.

N. Capital

The Capital City is one of the most popular POIs on the map with a number of large historical buildings full of great loot. There is a yacht club and a spacious suburb to complement the area.

O. Resort

The Royal Cabana Resort has a beautiful beach and multiple small cabanas that you can use for cover. Some of the cabanas have good loot and you can easily make a quick run for the main hotel building or grab some vehicles in this POI.

Pacific Caldera will constantly evolve in future seasons as the Call of Duty devs continue to modify POIs for future content updates to spice things up. Learning how to fight in various POIs and positioning yourself in the right spots can earn you a well-deserved victory.

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