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With our multiplier pass, you will unlock an unlimited 1.25x prize multiplier applicable to all of your tournament winnings.
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Pass Benefits & Perks

Valid for all Tiers and Tournaments
Our Multiplier Pass can be used for all tournaments and prize pool brackets
Prize Multiplier
Purchase a pass and get 25% more out of every prize, up to $10 per tournament.
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You'll get an exclusive perks like a Discord Role, an in-app badge and a collectible pin

Questions and Answers

Gamercraft Multiplier Pass

What's the difference between a free entry and an entry with a Multiplier Pass?

The only difference is that the multiplier pass boosts your earning by 1.25x at the end of every tournament.

Do my teammates also need a Multiplier Pass?

No, the multiplier pass is individual. Your prizes will be multiplied at the end of every tournament.

Are boosts capped at $10?

Yes, while all the prizes you win throughout the duration of the pass will be automatically multiplied, boosts are capped at $10 per tournament.

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