Winners and Losers - Patch 12.10

Winners and Losers - Patch 12.10

Now that the changes from the latest patch have settled, let's take a look at some of the biggest winners and losers.


Juggermaw is back, and is tankier than ever with the durability update. Kog'Maw wasn't a particularly successful pick before the patch, as other late game carries like Jinx and Aphelios were eclipsing him. However, his increased tankiness and excellent late game damage while other ADCs have been nerfed means he is an S+ pick right now.

The Juggermaw build involves building some tanky items, like Titanic Hydra and Randuin's Omen. Kog'Maw is still able to output an incredible amount of damage in the late game, but the tankier items means he can survive against diving threats. His early game damage isn't the best, so don't worry if you fall behind early!


The Storm's Fury has always been a very difficult champion to lock down and kill; her increased movement speed and multiple disengage tools means she is very slippery. Now, Janna has even better survivability after the durability patch and is able to play a little more aggressively.

Even though her E and ultimate were nerfed with all other shields and heals, Janna wasn't affected as much by this nerfs. Her recent mini-rework means she gains heal/shield power by CCing enemies, and often rushes Redemption after completing her Mythic. Therefore, she is able to mitigate the shield/heal nerf.

Fasting Senna

Fasting Senna continues to be an powerful strategy in the bot lane. Senna has a plethora of tools at her disposal: infinite scaling, hard CC, a map-wide damaging and shielding ultimate, and a ton of damage for a support. She is able to ramp up quickly without even needing to farm, claiming the souls from nearby minion deaths and generating gold with Spectral Sickle.

Furthermore, her passive also deals damage based on the target's current health. Therefore, this is unaffected by the armour buff from the durability patch so Senna's damage hasn't been affected as much as other champions.


Given how impactful the durability patch has been, it's likely the meta will continue to be volatile for a while. Riot are also planning more drastic changes after such a huge patch, so watch this space for more swings in the meta!

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