Web App, Leaderboards, and Anticheat Update

Today, we are releasing a series of exciting quality of life updates in several areas, including a new website and the Beta version of our web app.

Web App, Leaderboards, and Anticheat Update

We've quickly listened to your feedback! Today, we are releasing a series of exciting quality of life updates in several areas, including a new website and the Beta version of our web app.

New Website, New Blog, New Branding

It's been a long time coming, and we're excited to begin a new era with the launch of our new website and (beta) web app. With a brand new look, our home page now shows the available competitive circuits, what makes us unique, and entirely new tournaments and leaderboard pages.

(Beta) Web App

Say hello to a new sign-up, login, and leaderboards experience! Our new (beta) web app is now live. This first iteration is packed only with the ability to sign-up, login, join and view leaderboards.

Prizes, ID Verification, Referrals, and Tournaments (Discover, Join, Brackets) are all coming soon to our web app and will go live in the coming months.

The Shotcaller - Our New Content Portal

Another major update to our website is our new content portal: The Shotcaller.

Focusing on game updates related to the Gamercraft experience and content that will augment and enhance your gaming time, this new portal will count on entirely new content series, infographics, and even analytical research. The goal is for it to be the perfect companion to all of the tournaments and ladders you compete on, helping you optimize your strategies and make the most of your games.

You can check out the new design and structure here.

Anticheat & Fair Play (mini) Patch

We've listened to your feedback and have brought a quick update to our fair play system. Effective today, we are taking the best rank for the last three seasons (including this one).

So if, for example, Summoner X joined Gamercraft and peaked at Diamond II in S10, Grandmaster in S11, and is currently a Master player, Summoner X will be assigned the corresponding tier for the Grandmaster rank.

Leaderboards: Seeding & Scoring Updates

We're also introducing a new algorithm to seed divisions and make your experience more winnable, enjoyable, and fairer. Effective tomorrow, Friday, January 28th, all leaderboards will be seeded by their skill and performance in leaderboards and ranked games. This way, we ensure healthy rivalries while removing the annoyance of losing to the same person over and over.

Additionally, we are also changing the tracking system. Before, we took all games that ended before the end of the leaderboards. All matches that start before the end will count towards the final scores from this point onwards.

As a player, this means two things: that you can crunch in a final game without calculating if you have enough time to get one more game in and that scores will now be finalized 45-60 minutes after the end time.

This year, our commitment to being the best place for gamers to compete and earn prizes from their talents — regardless of skill — is reaching new heights. Thanks for being part of our journey, and buckle your seatbelts because we're going to go places!

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