Valorant Episode 5 Act II: What Is New?

Valorant Episode 5 Act II: What Is New?
Source: Riot Games

Riot Games launched Valorant Episode 5 Act II bringing a lot of new content to the game. Besides the competitive reset, it features a new battle pass with many new skins, sprays, and player cards, as well as a Champions slinline dedicated to raising funds for the Valorant Champions tournament prize pool.

Champions event pass and skinline

From August 23rd to September 21st, you will be able to purchase the new Champions bundle for 6265 VP or about $65. The bundle includes Butterfly Knife, Phantom skin, Spray, Player Card, and Gun Buddy. Also, 50% of the net revenue will go to the teams participating in the tournament.

Phantom and the Knife include a custom model change and new features as part of the Champion's Aura that consists of a visual effect that evolves every five kills (max 25) and a special easter egg on the butterfly knife that triggers if you're top fragging and have at least 25 kills.

Champions event pass has seven levels, including various titles, player cards, and even Radianite points. All you have to do to earn them is log on and play the game to earn XP points.

Episode 5 Act II Battlepass

The entire battle pass is divided into 50 tiers. In the next ten weeks, you will be able to earn many Radianite Points, sprays, gun buddies, player cards, and plenty of weapon skins. Some of these weapons are Phantom, Vandal, Ghost, Classic, Judge, Bucky, etc.

As usual, there are free items you can obtain by leveling up; however, the price for a full experience is 1000 VP.

Riot producer Laura Baltzer revealed the idea behind the new battle pass theme: "myths and legends," centered around esports and Valorant Champions 2022.

"This pass was the first time we wanted to try to build a Battlepass around a central theme: myths and legends. We wanted the Battlepass to reflect some of the things that were going on in Valorant and make it feel like a memorable part of this moment in time for players."

Immortalized skinline:



Premiere Collision skinline:


Piedra del Sol skinline:


Animated sprays:

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