Team Comp Analysis - Patch 12.5

Team Comp Analysis - Patch 12.5

Top - Gnar

Jungle - Diana

Mid - LeBlanc

Bot - Ashe

Support - Seraphine

Both Ashe and Seraphine received noticeable buffs this patch:

  • Ashe’s W mana cost was decreased, and the cooldown on her ultimate was reduced
  • Seraphine’s W now shields and heals for more, and has a lower cooldown

These buffs have made this combo a powerful duo in the bot lane, as they fantastic engage between their ultimates and Seraphine can stun any target with her E that has been slowed by Ashe. This composition also has a ton of engage options and team fight power, with a very potent wombo combo between the Gnar, Diana and Seraphine ultimates. Though it is relatively short range, this weakness is mitigated by how many long range engage tools the comp has. By picking off targets with Ashe and Seraphine’s ult from afar, you can blow them up while they are still CCd.

Top - Shen

Jungle - Rek’Sai

Mid - Ahri

Bot - Jinx

Support - Thresh

Rek’Sai has emerged as a very powerful pick in the jungle with the new Prowler’s Claw build, as it offers her another mobility tool and the opportunity to blow up targets with her ult. Additionally, she has a very strong early game thanks to her strong ganks and ability to traverse the map with her tunnels. Despite receiving a moderate nerf in the mid-patch update, Jinx continues to cause chaos in the bot lane; her scaling is incredible, Lethal Tempo amplifies her long range with Fishbones, and she can be saved by Thresh’s lantern or Shen’s ultimate if she is caught out.

Top - Malphite

Jungle - Hecarim

Mid - Veigar

Bot - Vayne

Support - Lulu

This composition has very strong wombo combo potential, as Malphite and Hecarim can chain their ults for a devastating CC chain. Lulu can also use her ultimate on the Malphite or Hecarim after they’ve used their ults for protection and another layer of AoE CC. Vayne has quietly emerged as a top tier pick in the bot lane, successfully dodging nerfs and taking full advantage of the extended basic attack range from Lethal Tempo. She also synergises excellently with Lulu, who enhances her damage and provides some much needed peel/protection. The comp is rounded out by Veigar; though he recently received some nerfs targeted for the bot lane, he remains a fantastic mid lane pick thanks to his scaling, point and click ultimate, and the zone control offered by his E.

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