Champion VGU Poll - Results

Champion VGU Poll - Results

The results of the 2022 Champion VGU Poll have been released, and the winner is Skarner! The Crystal Vanguard dominated the poll with a total of 33% of votes from every region, eclipsing the second place Shyvana who only had 19.6% of votes.

Although Riot haven’t released too many details about their plans for the rework, they intend to retain his iconic ultimate “in some form” while reworking the rest of his kit. It’s unknown whether his passive spires will be incorporated into the rework given they’re a unique aspect of Skarner’s gameplay, as Riot have stated they may maintain the basic ideas of and elements of his current kit.

As for his visuals, Riot will focus on depicting a clearer source of Skarner’s power with a visual update of a scale similar to Urgot and Sion. As for his lore, Skarner’s species (The Brackern) will be explored and expanded upon, perhaps with an appearance from Seraphine given she has killed Brackern to further her singing career.

Meanwhile, Shyvana has featured in the last 3 Champion VGU polls and has finished as a runner up every time. She is still in a very problematic state as she lacks a clear role, playstyle and item build, and would have benefitted from (finally) winning this poll. However, Riot have stated she is a “pretty strong contender” for the next VGU, so she’ll hopefully be receiving some much needed attention soon.

Finally, the results of the thematic poll were also revealed and featured another landslide victory: the Gothic universe had almost 50% of the total votes and will be revisited at some point during the year.


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