Patch 12.3 - Winners and Losers

Now that the changes from the latest patch have settled, let’s take a look at some of the biggest winners and losers from the latest round of changes.


The nine-tailed fox received changes to her entire kit in patch 12.3, and have now made her an incredibly potent pick in the mid lane. Her new passive grants her a lot of sustain in lane and during team fights, and despite losing bonus damage on charmed targets, she still has the ability to blow up targets thanks to damage buffs on her abilities. The most notable change was to her ultimate as it now lasts longer and grants an extra charge upon scoring a takedown, which has made Ahri much stronger in team fights if she is able to get a reset. All these changes have improved her win rate to 52%+ in Platinum ranks and above, and has undoubtedly pushed her back in the meta.

Twisted Fate, Caitlyn and Corki

These 3 champions have been amongst the strongest in their respective roles for a while now, but their recent nerfs have severely reduced their strength. Corki’s passive (The Package) has had its cooldown increased, meaning Corki has much fewer opportunities to turn a team fight or escape from imminent danger. Twisted Fate and Caitlyn had their base damage stats reduced, meaning all 3 champions are struggling to eclipse a 47% win rate in Platinum ranks+. It will be interesting to see how these nerfs affect these champions in pro play given their widespread prevalence across multiple leagues.


After being a fairly invisible pick for a while, Quinn received some large buffs in the latest patch:

  • W (Heightened Senses) bonus attack speed was increased (28/36/44/52/60%, up from 20/30/40/50/60%)
  • Ultimate (Skystrike) flurry attack damage ratio increased (70% AD, up from 40%)

The increase to her attack speed have caused Press The Attack to become the optimal keystone on Quinn given how quickly she can now proc it, and these changes have increased her win rate to 52% in Platinum ranks+. She is still a niche pick in the meta, but is certainly a lot more viable now.


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