MSI Rumble Stage, Day 3 Overview - G2 Stumble

MSI Rumble Stage, Day 3 Overview - G2 Stumble

There were more surprises on the third day of the Rumble stage, as G2’s 24 game winning streak came to a shocking end at the hands of PSG.

G2 Fall

In classic G2 fashion, they lost against a team they were expected to decimate. Though G2 got ahead early, PSG starting making some picks around the 20 minute mark, before winning a critical team fight around the Drake:

Between the team fighting power of the Ornn, Lissandra and Rell, PSG used this to wipe G2 and take the Baron. PSG decisively closed out the game with this Baron buff, using it to push a bot lane minion wave all the way to the Nexus. With this, G2 were handed their first loss since facing FNC in the first round of the LEC playoffs.

G2 were hoping to stabilise in their game against RNG later in the day, but RNG were seeking revenge and crushed G2 in decisive fashion. The community was quick to criticise unconventional drafts, particularly the Riven and Aatrox for BrokenBlade and the Yuumi support. Tanks like Ornn and Sion have been very successful thus far in the tournament, and G2 have excelled leaving top on an island to play through caPs.

However, after practically securing a spot in the Knockout Stage, they may have been experimenting with these picks to try and diversify their drafts in preparation for the upcoming best-of-5s. Should they have worked, their opponents may have had to ban them or prepare counters.

Nevertheless, G2 relinquished their first place spot after looking seemingly unstoppable for so long. This may have huge ramifications for the rest of their tournament run, as the first place team will get to pick their opponents in the first round of the Knockout Stage. With RNG going 2-0 and topping the table, it looks like they’ll be able to choose whichever team finishes fourth as their opponents and avoid T1 and G2 in the first Knockout Stage round.

PSG Rise Up

By taking down G2, PSG have kept their dreams of progressing to the Knockout Stage alive. Things were looking difficult for the PCS representatives after they lost to EG yesterday, but their upset victory against G2 is huge for their momentum in the tournament. They seem to be ramping up over the course of the tournament, and if they can take down EG on Tuesday, may be able to force a tie-breaker against them.

For now though, EG are in firm control of fourth place after losing against T1 but beating Saigon Buffalo today. EG are currently performing in line with expectations: they have been able to defeat the teams from minor regions, but have been eclipsed by the LEC, LPL and LCK.

Highlight Play

T1's played out a beautiful team fight to defeat PSG:

This was an incredibly team fight by T1, as they used their displacement tools (Gragas and Lee Sin's ultimates) to isolate Hanabi's Gwen while zoning the rest of PSG away with a fantastically placed GP ultimate. Faker then utilised TF's ultimate to flank PSG as they tried to escape, and cleaned up the fight.

PSG and G2 will face off again tomorrow, with PSG hoping to repeat today's success; will G2 be able to bounce back after their worst day of the tournament?

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