Team Comp Analysis - Patch 12.4

Team Comp Analysis - Patch 12.4

Top - Gnar

Jungle - Lee Sin

Mid - Vex

Bot - Jinx

Support - Tahm Kench

Hullbreaker tops are dominating the meta right now, as the item is incredibly cost efficient and helps take towers very quickly when paired with Demolish. Gnar is a great user of Hullbreaker and is an inherently good split pusher thanks to his wave clear, mobility and potential for effective TP flanks. Meanwhile, Jinx continues to excel in the bot lane, providing fantastic scaling, long range damage, and powerful reset potential if she can proc her passive with a takedown. Though Jinx is vulnerable due to her lack of mobility, this can be mitigated by the Tahm Kench ultimate. The comp is rounded out by Lee Sin and Vex who can use their CC to engage and peel for the Jinx.

Top - Jayce

Jungle - Xin Zhao

Mid - Ahri

Bot - Jhin

Support - Blitzcrank

Despite receiving a slight nerf in patch 12.4, this hasn’t stopped Blitzcrank from being a top tier pick in the support role. Blitzcrank is an accessible champion that is easy to pick up and play, and the Preseason changes to Glacial Augment has made his CC even more devastating. Considering Blitzcrank is a very strong laner, it’s important to pair him with a long-range ADC like Jhin who can farm safely while alone in the bot lane. Additionally, Jhin can follow up any hooks landed by the Blitzcrank with his W for a dangerous CC chain. Ahri can set up Blitzcrank for successful roams by landing her Charm in the laning phase, before transitioning into a mobile threat in team fights with the reset potential of her ultimate. The front line is provided by Xin Zhao, as he has a lot of durability between Goredrinker, Conqueror and his passive/W but can also disengage from fights by using his ultimate. Jayce finishes off this composition as he is another top laner who takes full advantage of Hullbreaker.

Top - Sett

Jungle - Hecarim

Mid - Viktor

Bot - Aphelios

Support - Lulu

After some buffs to Turbo Chemtank were added in patch 12.3, Hecarim is back in the meta considering how well the item compliments his kit and playstyle. Hecarim can clear the jungle pretty quickly, punish over-extending laners by popping Ghost and ganking with his E, and has an incredibly powerful team fighting ultimate. Additionally, he synergises excellently with Lulu who can provide even more movement speed with her W and follow up on Hecarim’s ultimate with her own for a great CC chain. She also provides some much needed peel for Aphelios and can further enhance his incredible damage output. In the top lane, Sett is able to take advantage of Hullbreaker, provide another source of peel for the Aphelios, and dive into the enemy back line before being ulted by the Lulu for another powerful CC combo. The comp is rounded out by Viktor for his wave clear and magic damage.


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