Diana and Yasuo - Lethal Champion Synergy

Diana and Yasuo - Lethal Champion Synergy

Diana and Yasuo’s ultimates synergise incredibly well together, and makes for one of the most devastating team fighting combos in the meta. Let’s break down this powerful duo, who can be flexed across multiple roles.


Diana can be played in the mid or top lane, but has found most recent success in the jungle. Her jungle clear is pretty good thanks for the AoE damage from her passive, Q and W, meaning she can farm jungle camps pretty quickly. She can also traverse through the jungle and path creatively using the dash from her E.

Ganking as Diana is relatively simple, as her E is a targeted dash so you can get in range of enemies to land her basic attacks. Her ganks are even better if you can land Q first, as it will reset the cooldown of the E and allow you to dash for a second time. This is great for catching out enemies who try to escape with mobility tools.

Meanwhile, Yasuo can be played in the mid, top or bot lane. His melee abilities and basic attack makes him a little tricky to play into ranged champions, so moving around to proc his passive shield and using his E to block abilities is important. He can also use his E to dash through minions in order to get in range to damage enemies, then dash back out using other minions.

Given Q’s low cooldown, Yasuo can use it to farm minions. Once Yasuo has 2 stacks from his Q, the tornado is a great tool for CCing enemies from afar and dashing in to follow up with some basic attacks. It can also set up successful ganks from your jungler, who can immediately follow up on the CCd enemy.


Consequently, if Yasuo can land a tornado on the enemy, this makes it incredibly easy for Diana to land her Q and pull off a gank effectively. The duo can work together using their multiple dashes to stick to the enemy and eviscerate them with their basic attacks.

However, their true power lies in the synergy between their ultimates. Diana can use her E, Hextech Protobelt or Flash to get in melee range of enemies and use her ultimate to guarantee an AoE knock-up. Yasuo can then immediately follow up with his own ultimate for one of the most potent combos in the game.

This combo is extremely effective in the laning phase when Diana can gank Yasuo’s lane, and will lead to a kill in most scenarios. During team fights, it’s essential you play around the enemy’s vision to find surprise angles for your engage to catch the enemy off-guard. However, playing with patience is key, as you may need to wait until the high priority target over-extends before initiating the combo.

Runes and Items

Conqueror is a great keystone for Diana, as she can stack it up quickly so can take full advantage of the bonus AP and healing. Legend: Alacrity provides Diana with another source of valuable attack speed, and Cosmic Insight reduces the cooldown on the several item actives Diana builds.

As previously mentioned, Hextech Protobelt is a fantastic Mythic for Diana. It provides another dash for Diana on a relatively low cooldown, meaning she can extend the range of her ganks and chase enemies who try to escape. Zhonya’s Hourglass is also effective as her melee playstyle means you will constantly be in the middle of the fray. Other AP items, like Rabadon’s Deathcap and Shadowflame, are also great for Diana.

Yasuo excels with Lethal Tempo, as stacks are generated by his Q and the bonus attack speed reduces the cooldown of his Q even more, increasing your damage and the amount of stacks you can generate. Yasuo’s low range means he takes a lot of damage in the laning phase, making Second Wind a very valuable rune.

Immortal Shieldbow is Yasuo’s go-to Mythic; he can lifesteal using his Q and survive when he dives into the middle of a fight with his ultimate. Yasuo’s passive and high crit chance means Infinity Edge is an essential item, while items like Death’s Dance and Guardian Angel increase Yasuo’s durability.


Diana and Yasuo’s combo is a relatively easy combo to pull off but remains as one of the most powerful in the game. Given how many roles both champions can be flexed into, it also means this combo is useful for a ton of players spanning multiple roles.

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