Winners and Losers - Patch 12.7

Winners and Losers - Patch 12.7

Now that the changes from the latest patch have settled, let’s take a look at some of the biggest winners and losers.


Before the patch landed, Pyke was already in a good spot. His hook into stun combo is a huge threat across the entire game, his roams are quick and deadly, and he has great reset potential. This made him a fantastic pick to solo carry games in solo queue.

Though the patch didn't buff him directly, Umbral Glaive’s cost and cooldown were decreased, making it an even better item on Pyke. It provides absolute vision control -- allowing Pyke to make incredibly effective roams and flanks -- and is a good source of AD and lethality.

These changes have increased his win and pick rates in support and mid lane, including a 54% win rate in Platinum ranks and above in the mid lane.


Wukong received a slew of buffs, including a damage increase to his E, cooldown reductions on his Q and W, and the ability to dash over walls using his W. This has dramatically increased his jungle win rate, as he can use it to path through the jungle quicker and come up with creative gank paths. His win rate has increased by 3% to 51% in Platinum ranks and above.

He can also be flexed into the top lane. Given his powerful trades, he can take advantage of the increasing amount of Ignite/Flash top laners that’s been emerging to dominate the laning phase and snowball to victory.


Pantheon received a couple of changes in patch 12.7:

  • Base health regen decreased
  • Q (Comet Spear) tap length increased, but tap width decreased
  • E (Aegis Assault) no longer slows when moving backwards
  • Ultimate (Grand Starfall) - Pantheon now arrives at his destination sooner

These changes have increased Pantheon’s mobility and made him a little more flexible. The changes have resulted in Pantheon finding good success in the mid and top lane, as he is more of a bully in lane and can push out waves then roam with his ultimate. However, he is still struggling in jungle and support with a 46% win rate.


Will Ryze ever be balanced? After countless reworks and balance changes, Ryze continues to be impossible for Riot for balance between solo queue and pro play. The recent nerfs to his Q mana ratio and the nerfs to Winter’s Approach has tanked his win rate to a dismal 42% win rate in Platinum ranks and above.


With MSI fast approaching, a slew of champion buffs has shaken up the meta and affected the top picks on the patch. It will be interesting to examine how the pros respond to such a large patch once all competitive Leagues around the world resume play.

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