Pro Play By Play - 100T's Turnaround Victory

Pro Play By Play - 100T's Turnaround Victory

During 100 Thieves’ impressive reverse sweep against Team Liquid over the weekend, they managed to turn a critical team fight in game 5 to begin their comeback into the game.

The Play

State of the game

TL have managed to win the early game pretty decisively, taking down 3 towers and earning themselves a 3k gold lead. Bjergsen’s Corki is incredibly strong having just bought Rapidfire Cannon, finished Manamune, and picked up The Package from the base.

With the 4th drake of the game spawning in about 20 seconds at the beginning of the play, both teams are preparing for the imminent fight. TL are keen to prevent 100T from taking it, as it would be their 3rd drake and an Ocean Soul would be a potential avenue back into the game.

Playing around vision

It’s essential to establish vision control around an objective, and TL have managed to do so with some important wards near the pit. One of these wards spots out Viego (Closer) who is looking to make a pick near the mid lane:

TL spot the isolated jungler and seize the opportunity to collapse on him; with the enemy jungler dead, they would have a huge advantage when taking the drake. Shen (Bwipo) and Volibear (Santorin) have pushed out the bot wave and are making their way through the bot side jungle to flank on the Viego.

Critically, Closer had placed a ward in the brush that Santorin and Bwipo are about to enter, but destroys it by placing down a new ward in the brush he is currently in:

Therefore, this allows Santorin and Bwipo to start their flank undetected. Closer’s new ward makes him aware that TL knows where he is, so he uses his ultimate to try to escape when Xayah (Hans sama) starts to attack.

Corki (Bjergsen) also follows up with his W that has been enhanced from The Package, but Closer is able to narrowly escape with Viego’s W:

TL are still looking to press their advantage considering they’re in a 4v3, so Alistar (CoreJJ) uses his combo to CC the Viego while the rest of the team burst him down, expending Viego’s Guardian Angel.

A lethal CC chain

This is where the fight starts to turn in 100 Thieves’ favour. The Volibear and Alistar are right next to the Viego, giving Zeri (FBI) a great opportunity to pop his ult and begin to accumulate some stacks:

Additionally, Twisted Fate (Abbedagge) has joined the fight with his ultimate and teleports into the raptor pit. This was a brilliant decision, as he is out of TL’s vision yet is still able to damage the enemy from over the wall:

Abbedagge finds the powerful Corki -- who has just used his W to escape the Leona ult and no longer has The Package to escape -- and locks him down with a gold card stun. Meanwhile, Ornn (Ssumday) has finished moving from the bot lane to the fight and lines up his ultimate on the CCd Corki:

Once the gold card stun has worn off, Abbedagge follows up with the Everfrost to continue the CC chain and root the Corki. Though the Ornn ultimate does land on the Corki, he is saved by his Flash and the Shen ultimate:

However, he doesn’t manage to escape as he is caught by the Ornn E and finished off by the Twisted Fate and Zeri, who has shredded through the Alistar and generated a ton of stacks:

100T are then able to clean up the fight, finishing off the Shen and earning themselves an Ocean Soul point which they would later use to win the game.


Although this play looked dangerous for 100T at the beginning, they utilised their ultimates brilliantly. They realised how much of a threat the fed Corki was, and found a fantastic opportunity to blow him up with the Twisted Fate and Ornn ultimates. Additionally, 100T successfully split up TL and extended the fight for long enough for Zeri to rack up her ultimate stacks and clean up the fight.

-Rilea (Twitter)

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