Unit Tier List 12.13

Unit Tier List 12.13

While Riot always aims to balance units appropriately in TFT, there are some outliers in every patch that dominate the board and become the primary focus for most builds that players tend to aim for. Here are the best units in Patch 12.13 in TFT:

  • Ao Shin
  • Bard
  • Ornn
  • Yasuo

Ao Shin

Cost: 10 gold

Traits: Tempest, Dragon

Ability: Lightning Rain (active) - Ao Shin fires a barrage of 20 lightning strikes at random enemies. Each strike deals magic damage and drains 20 Mana from his target.

Damage: 250 / 450 / 2500

Ao Shin is one of the most contested dragons due to his devastating ability. He can demolish opposing boards if properly built around. One of the most contested compositions in the current patch of 4 Tempest, 3 Mage uses him as the primary carry to take over games.


Cost: 5 gold

Traits: Guild, Bard, Mystic

Ability: Tempered Fate (active) - Bard sends magical energy toward the largest group of enemies, stunning them for a few seconds and causing them to take increased damage while stunned. If he hits at least 1 enemy, Bard dances in celebration.

Stun Duration: 1.25 / 2 / 15

Increased Damage: 15% / 20% / 9999%

Bard is a powerful 5-cost unit with a very strong ability that can give your units enough time to deliver devastating blows while your opponent's board is stunned. He is a core unit in two strong compositions in the current patch, 4 Tempest, 3 Mage; 3 Astral, 3 Guild.


Cost: 4 gold

Traits: Tempest, Bruiser, Legend

Ability: Stampede (active) - Ornn summons an elemental that charges towards Ornn through the farthest enemy, dealing magic damage to enemies hit and slowing their Attack Speed by 50% for 2 seconds. When the elemental reaches Ornn, he redirects it towards another distant enemy, dealing magic damage to enemies hit and stunning them.

Damage: 150 / 250 / 1000

Stun Duration: 1.25 / 1.75 / 8

Ornn is one of the strongest front-line units in the current patch. He can soak a lot of damage while giving your backline time to deal with the opposing board. He has a powerful ability that slows attack speed and stuns targets hit. Due to his innate tankiness and powerful ability alongside a great combination of traits, he is present in three of the most powerful team compositions in the current patch: 4 Tempest, 3 Mage; 3 Guild, 3 Ragewing; 4 Assassin, 4 Bruiser.


Cost: 5 gold

Traits: Mirage, Dragonmancer, Warrior

Ability: Sweeping Blade (active) - Yasuo shields himself for 2 seconds and dashes through his target, slashing nearby enemies for a % of his Attack Damage. Every third cast, his slash deals 250% damage, hits a larger area and knocks up enemies for 1.5 seconds. If Yasuo hits only the last enemy left alive, he repeatedly slashes them until they die.

Percent of Attack Damage: 195% / 200% / 2000%

Shield Amount: 180 / 240 / 2500

Yasuo is a great unit to finish your build with. He has a powerful ability that allows him to deal a lot of damage and knock up enemies hit every couple of seconds. He works perfectly with a lot of powerful compositions due to his combination of traits. He is present in two of the most powerful team compositions in the current patch: 3 Guild, 3 Ragewing; 5 Revel, 4 Mirage.

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