Udyr Update

Udyr Update

After winning the VGU poll in 2021, Udyr update has finally gone live. He's retained his simple, melee based playstyle but now has more tools at his disposal.


Passive (Bridge Between) - Udyr's 4 basic abilities swap between 4 stances. Recasting the same ability will cause Udyr to enter an Awakened Stance, refreshing the stance's cooldown/duration and empowering it. This effect has a cooldown based on level.

After using any of his abilities, Udyr's next two basic attacks gain increased attack speed and refund a percentage of the Awakened Stance's cooldown.

Q (Wilding Claw) - Udyr gains attack speed and his next two attacks deal bonus physical damage.

Awaken - Udyr gains even more attack speed, and his next two basic attacks will strike the target with lightning several times, which is distributed amongst nearby targets.

W (Iron Mantle) - Udyr receives a shield, and his next two attacks will heal him.

Awaken - Udyr receives an even stronger shield and is healed for more based on his maximum health for a short period.

E (Blazing Stampede) - Udyr's movement speed is increased, and his first attack against each target causes him to dash toward them and apply a stun.

Awaken - Udyr's movement speed is incresed further, and he becomes immune to CC for a few seconds.

Ultimate (Wingborne Storm) - Udyr surrounds himself in a glacial tempest, damaging and slowing nearby enemies and infusing his next two abilities with magic damage to those caught in the storm.

Awaken - Udyr unleashes the storm, which then tracks his last hit enemy and deals additional damage based on the target's maximum health.


Udyr has retained his identity as an easy to pick up jungler with a kit focused on his basic attacks. His new passive offers him a lot more options, and understanding which Awakened State to use in a situation is the key to mastering the new Udyr.

The awakened Q and R is best for his jungle clear thanks to the AoE damage, while the awakened W will help you get out of tricky situations due to the stronger shield. The awakened E is great for team fights and ganks, allowing Udyr to catch up to enemies to stun them and ignore all CC they use to try and repel him.


Conqueror is a great keystone on Udyr, given how quickly he can stack it up from his high attack speed. Udyr is also pretty tanky so can get a lot of value out of a fully stacked Conqueror. His other runes, like Legend: Tenacity and Triumph will amplify his tankiness, along with building items like Sunfire Aegis and Demonic Embrace.

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