Top 5 Streamer Plays of the Week

Top 5 Streamer Plays of the Week

From level 1 outplays to perfect flash predictions, let’s break down the top 5 streamer plays of the week.

Despite being in a precarious position as his Tryndamere ult begins to run out, Nemesis makes a great play with Galeforce to escape the enemy team and pick up a double kill.

Faker plays on the edge and manages to turn around this level 1 play, finding a great Flash angle and baiting the enemy Graves into diving him by using his Biscuit to heal.

A Gangplank on Jankos’ team manages to find an incredible barrel combo, as 3 squishy enemies fail to track them in a chaotic team fight and are absolutely obliterated.

This incredibly clean play comes from T1’s support Keria, who makes an aggressive Flash/Flay combo as soon as he reaches level 2, then perfectly predicts the Flash from the enemy Zeri to secure first blood.

Extended team fights are some of the trickiest situations to navigate in League, considering they require a lot of focus and the ability to track what spells have been used by each player. Faker plays this team fight masterfully, maintaining a high damage output while staying out of range of the enemy, and utilising the full extent of his items and Viktor’s kit.


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