Top 5 Streamer Plays of the Week

Top 5 Streamer Plays of the Week

From frame perfect ult dodges to backdoors, let's take a look at some of the biggest streamer plays from the past week.

Doublelift dons some fancy footwork to dodge multiple skillshots in a row, evading death and escaping this 1v2 dive.

Thebausffs pulls off this frame perfect dodge of Cassio's ultimate, predicting the ult and turning at just the right moment to avoid being stunned.

Not only does Gosu utilise Vayne's mobility and the increased basic attack range from Lethal Tempo to go even in a 3v5 fight, but it keeps the entire enemy team busy while his ally Yorick backdoors the Nexus.

Rekkles manages to steal away the Baron with a Zeri Q while his ally Yone pulls off a clean 3-man ult and his Kennen split pushes to take an inhib.

This turnaround play was flawlessly executed by T1's Gumayusi. He starts off the play by flashing aggressively and using Ezreal's E to catch the enemy Jinx off guard, and rounds out the triple kill with pinpoint accuracy.

-Rilea (Twitter)

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