Top 5 Streamer Plays Of The Week

Top 5 Streamer Plays Of The Week

From some perfect skillshot accuracy to solo bolos, let's take a look at some of the biggest plays from streamers this week.

G2's Jankos sets up this excellent Diana/Yasuo combo to win the game for his team, playing around the enemy's lapse in vision to find the squishy carries and blow them up.

The start of this clip looks precarious for Nemesis, but he is able to turn this 1v1 around by buffering his Condemn before using Flash to stun the Jax and win the fight.

Despite being 0/7 at the start of the play, Thebaussfs is able to win this 1v1 thanks to some clean skillshot accuracy.

T1's Gumayusi required precision, quick reaction speeds and perfect execution of Caitlyn's kit to pull off this play. He masterfully juggles between the Heal and Zoomies movement speed, his Flash, and the Galeforce to dodge the Ezreal's skillshots and deal enough damage to take down the Ezreal.

While piloting the unconventional AP Kai'Sa mid, Faker lands every single W to shred through the enemy and clean up this skirmish around the Drake.


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