Top 5 Streamer Plays Of The Week

Top 5 Streamer Plays Of The Week

From penta kills to base defences, let's break down some of this week's biggest streamer plays

A fed Samira picks up an incredibly satisfying penta kill on Thebausffs' stream this week, proccing her ultimate on the clumped up enemy team.

Despite having low health and mana, Caps wins this 1v1 against a Lee Sin by playing around his large minion wave. He flashes into the wave to avoid getting hit by the Lee's abilities, and to push the Lee under the tower for the kill.

This is a very impressive 1v2 by Gosu considering he is 1/4/9 at the beginning of the clip. He utilises Aphelios's guns well, and plays just on the edge of his basic attack range to avoid damage from the Morgana and Xin Zhao.

C9's Summit picks up this fantastic outplay on Doublelift's stream, weaving in and out of the fight and sniping enemies from afar with pinpoint accuracy.

This is a crazy sequence of plays on Gosu's stream. Not only does his team steal the Baron and defeat an enemy team who has the Elder Drake buff, but they are able to repel the split pushing Garen to keep their Nexus alive. Gosu also showed off his signature Vayne mechanics to help win the team fight.


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