Top 5 Streamer Plays of the Week

Top 5 Streamer Plays of the Week

This week’s top stream players features a lot of outnumbered turn arounds and some low HP comebacks.

Despite being one hit away from death, Nisqy manages to dodge Karthus Qs and play around the dragon aggro to escape death and pick up a triple kill. Whenever drakes are aggrod, they very briefly push back and stun nearby enemies and Nisqy uses this disruption to escape the Rengar.

Viego's reset potential is incredibly strong, and Jankos demonstrates what can happen in a skirmish if Viego is able to pick up a kill. He juggles between the Aphelios, Lee Sin and Viego's own abilities to retreat back to the safety of his team and still pick up 3 kills.

Quinn has always been one of Thebausffs' signature champions and he is able to take full advantage of her recent buffs to pick up an impressive 1v3; he blows up the Jhin and Karma while dodging all of the Gragas' abilities.

The beginning of this clip starts out very dangerously for Faker, who finds himself in a 2v5 as the enemy team is pushing into the base with a minion wave. The key to this play was patience, as Faker waits for multiple enemies to clump together before popping his ult and saving the game for his team.

C9 Summit utlises the recently buffed Blade of the Ruined King for this incredible 1v5 play on Irelia. With Goredrinker, Blade, and fully stacked Conqueror, he is able to sustain himself through all damage received and demonstrate his mastery over the champion.

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