TFT Patch Overview: 12.7

TFT Patch Overview: 12.7

Patch 12.7 in TFT introduces a lot of changes to Augments to make them appear at the correct times and avoid forcing players to drastically change their composition, just in time for Worlds alongside smaller scale changes to various Units to create a more diverse meta.


Most Augments received adjustments to make them more similar in power level, while others that felt awkward to use properly were removed.

  • Double Trouble I/II/III bonus AD, AP, Armor, and MR: 30/40/50 decreased to 25/35/45
  • Electrocharge I/II/III damage buffed and will no longer appear on Stage 4-6
  • Enchanter Soul additional gold: 8 increased to 12
  • Four Score Tier: Gold changed to Silver and the number of 4-cost units decreased from 4 to 3
  • Golden Ticket chance for free refresh: 45% increased 50%
  • Hextech Heart Tier: Silver changed to Gold
  • High Five Tier: Prismatic changed to Gold and number of 5-cost units decreased from 5 to 4
  • Irresistible Charm Silver changed to Gold
  • Junkyard no longer appears on Stage 3-3 and amount of turns for a component changed from 3 to 4
  • Makeshift Armor III Armor & Magic Resist: 80 decreased to 75
  • Pirates (Mercenary) 1 gold drop on kill chance: 50% increased to 66%
  • Sharpshooter (Twinshot) Tier: Gold changed to Prismatic
  • Sniper’s Nest Tier: Silver changed to Gold
  • So Small Dodge chance: 30% decreased to 25%
  • Spell Blade Ability Power scaling on basic attack after casting an ability: 200% decreased to 180%
  • Triforce I/II/III Attack Speed: 23/33/43% decreased to 13/23/33%
  • Hextech Unity removed
  • Hextech Crest removed
  • Scholar Crest removed
  • Woodland Trinket removed


Following the nerf to Yordle Augments, Riot buffed up their Traits to keep their power up and not make them undesirable to play.

  • Scholar Mana: 5/10/20 increased to 5/12/25
  • Twinshot Attack Damage: 10/25/45/80 increased to 10/25/40/70
  • Yordle (6) Mana Reduction: 25% increased to 30%


Units from different Origins were adjusted to shake up the meta with Ashe, Sivir, Draven, Seraphine, Galio, Zeri, and Tryndamere being the biggest targets for changes.

  • Ashe Volley Attack Damage ratio: 100% increased to 110%
  • Sivir Ricochet Bounce Attack Damage scaling: 40% decreased to 30%
  • Sivir Ricochet Attack Speed: 50/70/250% changed to 45/65/250%
  • Draven Spinning Axes base Damage: 100/125/400 increased to 120/150/400
  • Seraphine Mana buff: 80/150 decreased to 70/130
  • Galio Colossal Entrance percent max Health Damage: 8% increased to 10%
  • Tryndamere Spinning Slash base Damage: 50/75/100 increased to 70/90/110
  • Zeri Attack Speed: 0.8 increased to 0.9

Meta Implication

Scholars and Yordles emerged victorious following the latest changes, while Units with the Twinshot trait lost a bit of their damage following their recent dominance.

The huge changes to Augments will completely shake up the meta and will make known compositions much weaker while also promoting exploring other compositions following the recent buffs to some Units such as Ashe, Tryndamere, Seraphine, Galio, and Zeri.

The removal of the Hextech Unity, Hextech Crest, Scholar Crest, and Woodland Trinket will also have a huge impact on the meta since some compositions which relied on these Augments will no longer be viable.

While these changes should shake up the meta and promote more diverse compositions, Riot said that they're going to keep an eye and be ready to ship a mid-week update if it will be required to keep the meta healthy.

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