Team Composition Tier List: Patch 12.9

Team Composition Tier List: Patch 12.9

Patch 12.9 in TFT has a lot of buffs for both units and traits, diversifying the meta towards the end of the current set. While some team compositions maintained their strength following the latest batch of changes, others were knocked out of the team composition tier list and made a place for other stronger compositions.

  • 5 Innovator, 4 Clockwork
  • 5 Socialite, 3 Colossus
  • 5 Innovator, 3 Enchanter
  • 7 Innovator, 3 Enforcer
  • 6 Assassin, 3 Debonair

5 Innovator, 4 Clockwork

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Key units: Jayce, Orianna, Seraphine

Key items: B.F. Sword, Negatron Cloak, Tear of the Goddess,
Sparring Gloves (aim to create Chalice of Power, Infinity Edge, and Bloodthirster)

Key augments: Innovator Heart, Clockwork Soul

This composition focuses on building a strong economy early on and focusing on picking up the required items for a hyper carry later on such as Jayce, Jhin, or Orianna. Your equipped hyper-carry will start taking over the game while the opponent's units will be busy dealing with the Innovators' mechanical companion.

The plan early on should be on just picking up the item components listed above and funnel them onto a low-cost unit such as Ezreal before you are able to access your higher-cost key units. The main tactic used is 'Fast 8' for this composition, with the aim to reach level 8 in early stage 4 to pick up the 4 and 5 cost units before your opponents and funnel your items onto them.

5 Socialite, 3 Colossus

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Key units: Galio, Alistar, Cho'Gath

Key items: Chain Vest, Giant's Belt, Tear of the Goddess, Negatron Cloak (aim to create Bramble Vest, Redemption, and Dragon's Claw)

Key augments: Socialite Heart, Socialite Soul

This composition gives you access to a very powerful frontline who can single-handedly carry the game with proper items with a great backline as well to support them. Early on you should pick units of any synergy to survive for a couple of rounds until you can start finding your key units.

During the carousel look for various item components which your tanks can use later on. Start funneling the tank items onto Cho'Gath once you find him and he will carry you the game. The main tactic used is 'Fast 8' for this composition in order to find Alistar, Seraphine, and Galio before your opponents do.

5 Innovator, 3 Enchanter

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Key units: Jayce, Orianna, Seraphine

Key items: Needlessly Large Rod, Negatron Cloak, Chain Vest, Tear of the Goddess,  (aim to create Chalice of Power, Archangel's Staf, Bramble Vest, and Gargoyle Stoneplate )

Key augments: Innovator Heart, Enchanter Soul

Following the recent buffs to Enchanters, they are a great addition to Innovators to have a powerful backline with a decent frontline to soak some damage before your units kill your opponent from a safe distance.

You should aim to pick up the low-cost key units early on such as Ezreal, Zilean, and Morgana, and slowly pivot to this composition if you have the correct item components. The main tactic used is 'Standard' for this composition, ensuring a healthy balance between levels and scouting for units to upgrade them to a higher tier.

7 Innovator, 3 Enforcer

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Key units: Jayce, Vi, Seraphine, Jhin

Key items: Tear of the Goddess, Sparring Gloves, B.F. Sword, Recurve Bow (aim to create Spear of Shojin, Infinity Edge, Giant Slayer, and Last Whisper)

Key augments: Innovator Heart, Enforcer Heart

Enforcers get rid of the beefiest Unit from your opponent's composition and give your units 3 seconds to take down other key units from either the front or backline. Innovators will give you access to a mechanical unit for some additional damage.

With six 1-3 cost units, building this composition is quite easy, ensuring that you don't lose too much health until you find your higher cost units. Funnel your items early on onto Ezreal and if you can't upgrade him a 3-star, change the items onto Jhin if you can pick him up early. The main tactic used is 'Fast 8' for this composition to pick up the 4-5 cost units such as Vi, Jayce, Jhin, and Seraphine before your opponents.

6 Assassin, 3 Debonair

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Key units: Kha'Zix, Ekko, Talon

Key items: Sparring Gloves, B.F. Sword, Recurve Bow (aim to create Rapid Firecannon, Infinity Edge, and Last Whisper)

Key augments: Assassin Crown, Assassin Crest

Assassins are easy to play with most units costing between 1 and 3 gold. With most players focusing on picking up Innovators, Assassins can end up uncontested in most matches.

Debonairs pair up pretty nicely with Assassins and can empower your primary carry in this composition with additional bonuses. Funnel the items onto Talon and try to upgrade him as soon as possible to a higher tier since he will be your primary carry. The main tactic used is 'Slow roll' for this composition, with the aim of rolling all excess gold to get 3-star units by level 6.

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