Strong Team Comps for Patch 12.11

Strong Team Comps for Patch 12.11

Now that the changes from the latest patch have settled, let's take a look at some strong team comps to run in your games.

  • Top - Ornn
  • Jungle - Diana
  • Mid - Yasuo
  • ADC - Zeri
  • Support - Lulu

Zeri received some meaningful buffs in 12.11, and has risen to the top as one of the best ADCs on the patch. She makes for a great duo with Lulu, as Lulu can increase Zeri's mobility with her W, use her shield to proc Zeri's passive and enhance her damage, and protect Zeri from incoming threats.

This comp may not have the best early game, but it excels in team fights in the mid/late game. There are multiple engage tools between Ornn and Diana, and every champion (but Zeri) can knock up champions to proc Yasuo's ult. Therefore, it's important to not over-force in the early game as this comp needs time to ramp up before coming online.

  • Top - Dr. Mundo
  • Jungle - Wukong
  • Mid - Gragas
  • ADC - Twitch
  • Support - Yuumi

Twitch has emerged as another top tier ADC on the patch. He is able to opt into a standard AD build with Blade of the Ruined King, or an AP build with Nashor's Tooth and decimate enemies with his passive damage over time. His Q and ult combo can pop enemies from stealth, and is made even stronger when Yuumi is attached and uses her ult too.

There are also a lot of engage options between the Gragas, Wukong and Yuumi, though the Gragas ultimate can sometimes knock them out of the Wukong/Yuumi ult. Co-ordination and synergy are important to ensure you don't layer CC and instead chain it for a devastating combo.

  • Top - Olaf
  • Jungle - Volibear
  • Mid - Ahri
  • ADC - Jhin
  • Support - Ashe

Olaf has been a great pick in the top lane since his mini-rework, with a surprising amount of survivability and extended ultimate duration. Both the top and bot side of this comp have excellent laning phases, as Olaf can slow an enemy with his axe as Voli comes in for a gank. Meanwhile, Jhin and Ashe can whittle away at enemies with Ashe's W and CC slowed enemies with Jhin's W.

During team fights, this comp can engage in a plethora of ways. Ashe's ult and Jhin's W can be used to engage from afar, while Ahri, Olaf and Volibear can all engage by running face first into the enemy. However, given Ashe's frailty, it may be difficult to control vision so she may require help from the Olaf/Volibear.

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