Team Comp Analysis

Team Comp Analysis

Top - Janna

Jungle - Lee Sin

Mid - Vex

Bot - Aphelios

Support - Thresh

Janna top has been causing chaos in solo queue by taking Smite/Flash and building Spellthief’s Edge. The strategy revolves around completely abandoning the lane at level 3 and roaming with your jungler, as you create constant pressure around the map and either force every other enemy lane to play defensively or gank a lane with two players. As you are sacrificing a standard top laner for an enchanter, it’s important to draft a lot of damage and engage in other roles, hence why picks like Lee Sin, Vex, Aphelios and Thresh are optimal. When playing this comp, it’s important to translate the early/mid game pressure you gain from essentially having two junglers into a decisive lead, else you can struggle in the late game by being unable to match side lane pressure.

Top - Malphite

Jungle - Xin Zhao

Mid - Ahri

Bot - Zeri

Support - Lulu

Ahri and Zeri are two of the strongest carry picks in the current patch. Ahri’s mini rework has made her a very successful mid laner, as she still has a lot of pick potential but also much more flexibility in team fights thanks to the buff to her ultimate. Meanwhile, Zeri continues to be an unstoppable force in the bot lane with incredible mobility and damage output. The comp is rounded out by a Maplhite and Xin Zhao for their potent front line engage tools, and a Lulu who can use her ultimate to provide another layer of CC as Malphie and Xin Zhao dive the enemy. Furthermore, she can further amplify Zeri’s damage with her E and provide more movement speed between her W and E proccing Zeri’s passive.

Top - Ornn

Jungle - Lee Sin

Mid - Viktor

Bot - Veigar

Support - Senna

Although Senna was nerfed to receive less souls from killing minions, this hasn’t affected her strength as a support where she won’t be last hitting as many minions. Since the Glacial Augment rework isn’t particularly strong on Senna, your keystone choice is a little more flexible as you can take Summon Aery for a poke build or Grasp of the Undying for a tankier build. While some of the strongest ADCs continue to receive nerfs (such as Caitlyn and Zeri), the AP threat of Veigar has emerged as a very strong bot lane and provides a devastating CC chain when paired with Senna. This comp is relatively short range, but this can be mitigated by the CC disruption provided by the Ornn and Lee Sin and Senna’s potential for infinite scaling.


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