Team Comp Analysis: Patch 12.2

Let's take a look at what team comps are looking strong for League of Legends' Patch 12.2. Try these compositions out in your ranked games and let us know what works for you!

Team Comp Analysis: Patch 12.2

Team Comp Analysis 12.2
Let's take a look at what team comps are looking strong for Patch 12.2. Try these compositions out in your games and let us know what works for you!

Team Comp 1

Top - Gwen

Jungle - Hecarim

Mid - Lux

ADC - Jinx

Support - Lulu

Strengths: scaling, pick potential, slipperiness

Weaknesses: early game, immobility

Jinx is by far one of the strongest ADCs on the current patch, after the reworked Lethal Tempo synergises with the Pow-Pow’s attack speed and Fishbones’ attack range. Her scaling is incredible and is able to pop off in team fights once she procs her passive with a takedown and Lethal Tempo has been stacked. Though she is very vulnerable due to her lack of mobility, Lux and Lulu are both able to protect her with their peel and shields, while Lulu can buff her damage even more. Meanwhile, Hecarim provides a huge AoE engage with his ultimate which can be followed up with Lulu’s ultimate for a secondary form of AoE CC.

Team Comp 2

Top - Dr. Mundo

Jungle - Nunu & Willump

Mid - Vex

ADC - Caitlyn

Support - Janna

Strengths: CC, engage, scaling

Weaknesses: skillshot accuracy, lack of split-push threat

Janna received a mini rework in 12.2 and is now incredibly strong with the recently reworked Glacial Augment keystone rune. Glacial Augment’s slow increases with Heal and Shield power, which Janna now gains every time she CCs an enemy and by building Moonstone Renewer. Therefore, the Glacial Augment slows become extremely oppressive on top of the multiple forms of CC already provided from Janna’s kit. Caitlyn is another potent ADC thanks to Lethal Tempo and a couple of recent buffs, and synergises very well with Janna who can peel for her and increase her attack damage with her shield. Though this comp provides multiple forms of engage (such as Vex’s ultimate, Nunu’s snowball and Janna’s tornadoes), they can be hard to land skillshots and will require precision and accuracy to successfully pull off.

Team Comp 3

Top - Tryndamere

Jungle - Lee Sin

Mid - Viktor

ADC - Jhin

Support - Leona

Strengths: split pushing, pick potential, wave clear

Weaknesses: AD damage profile, short-range comp

Viktor is currently in a fantastic spot in the meta: he has great scaling, synergises with the strong keystone rune First Strike due to the burst nature of his combo, and has a flexible build and can build either Crown of the Shattered Queen or Luden’s Tempest. Additionally, he can take Teleport and use his wave clear to become a split push threat alongside Tryndamere. This comp also has a lot of pick potential thanks to the multiple forms of CC offered by Leona, Jhin and Lee Sin, but only has one AP threat so may struggle against teams that build a lot of armour.

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