Team Comp Analysis - Patch 12.17

Team Comp Analysis - Patch 12.17

With the release of the latest League patch, let's take a look at some team comps you can run.

Top - Ornn

Jungle - Hecarim

Mid - Viktor

ADC - Twitch

Support - Lulu

ADCs are in an extremely strong spot at the moment. Zeri, Twitch and Sivir dominated the meta for a while, but Zeri and Sivir have both received nerfs that drastically reduced their power. Twitch has managed to dodge nerfs and remains as powerful as ever, spiking incredibly hard by rushing Blade of the Ruined King.

Meanwhile, Hecarim received some notable buffs in 12.17. His new build maxes W second to significantly increase his armour and MR, while he now has a maximum of 3 Q stacks which each last for longer. He also has incredible synergy with Ghost, which has become one of the strongest summoner spells over the last few patches.

Not only can Lulu increase Twitch's damage and protect him from any threats, she can also use her ult as a follow-up CC when Hecarim dives into the back line.

Top - Riven

Jungle - Viego

Mid - Twisted Fate

ADC - Seraphine

Support - Senna

Teams in the LCS and LEC have demonstrated the power of Senna and Seraphine throughout playoffs. Their long range and CC options means their laning phase is pretty safe, buying them time to scale into the mid/late game. Senna's passive grants her infinite scaling, while Seraphine shines in team fights when she can pull off huge ults and heal her entire team with her passive + W.

This comp also has a ton of engage options between the Twisted Fate, Seraphine and Senna, who can all start fights from a relatively long range. Twisted Fate and Riven can use their CC during the laning phase to setup ganks for Viego and start an early snowball.

Top - Aatrox

Jungle - Diana

Mid - Yasuo

ADC - Ezreal

Support - Zyra

The cooldown on Ezreal's E was decreased in 12.17, allowing him to play a little more aggressive during the mid/late game. Zyra's recent QoL buffs has made her a much more consistent support, and the two make for a great bot lane focusing on poking the enemy and whittling away at their health bars.

This comp also has a ton of team fighting potential; the Diana/Yasuo ult combo remains as powerful as ever, and can be followed up with Zyra's ult and Aatrox's combo. Diana can opt into the tankier build with Sunfire Aegis to help with this team's front line, or increase its AP damage with the Hextech Rocketbelt build.

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