Team Comp Analysis - Patch 12.12

Team Comp Analysis - Patch 12.12

Team Comp 1

  • Top - Ornn
  • Jungle - Wukong
  • Mid - Akshan
  • ADC - Seraphine
  • Support - Sona

Seraphine has been one of the best picks on the patch since the buff to her E slow and stun. She has fantastic synergy with Sona, as the two can output a ton of healing and chain their CC for a lethal combo. Whenever Seraphine is shielded by Sona's W, she can proc her own W for the AoE shield and heal.

Considering this comp has a lot of AP damage coming from the bot lane, it's important to balance this out with AD sources in other roles with picks like Akshan and Wukong. Wukong also provides another fantastic AoE ultimate while enemies are CC'd by the Ornn, Sona or Seraphine ults.

Team Comp 2

  • Top - Kayle
  • Jungle - Volibear
  • Mid - Ahri
  • ADC - Jhin
  • Support - Amumu

Ahri continues to be an excellent pick in the mid lane, as she can wave clear, pick off enemies, and lock down enemies between her E and Everfrost. Volibear can help set her up with some early kills by ganking the mid lane and stunning the enemy, while Ahri can follow up with her E for an easy to land CC chain.

With Amumu's recent buffs to his Q, he has once again become a fantastic support pick. The 2 charges on his Q gives him a ton of engage tools, and his ultimate remains as an incredible team fighting tool. Jhin can follow up with his W once Amumu has landed a Q for an extended CC chain.

Team Comp 3

  • Top - Gnar
  • Jungle - Bel'Veth
  • Mid - Viktor
  • ADC - Ashe
  • Support - Renata Glasc

Even though she has received continuous nerfs since her release, Bel'Veth continues to be a powerhouse in the jungle. She has great skirmishing potential, scaling into the late game, and can single-handedly win a game by taking the Rift Herald or Baron and pushing lanes. However, she lacks engage tools, hence why this comp has plenty between the Gnar, Ashe and Renata.

This comp can also chip away at enemies with poke damage using Ashe's W, Viktor's E, and Renata's Q/E. Renata's poke and engage tools will also be easier to land once the enemies have been slowed by Ashe's basic attacks or W.

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