Riot Announces TFT Dragonlands Championship

Riot Announces TFT Dragonlands Championship

In a recent video, Riot announced the details of the TFT Dragonlands Championship.

The tournament will take place over three days from November 18 to 20 with the best 32 players from the 8 TFT regions clashing with each other for the title of world champion alongside the lion's share of the prize pool.

Updated prize pool structure

The prize pool for the previous set received a huge boost from $250,000 to $300,000. For this set's championship Riot has increased the prize pool from $300,000 to $456,000. The first and second places received a huge boost in prizes to increase the stakes on the last day of the competition.

Tournament format

The format keeps the same point format, where points will be awarded for each player based on the results of each round: 8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1 (ie: first place wins 8 points, eighth place wins 1 point). However, one huge change that Riot introduced for the upcoming championship is the removal of eliminations from the first day. All 32 players will advance to the second day and their points will be added up from both days before deciding the top 8 players who will advance to the final day.

Day 1

  • All 32 players will be split into groups of 8 and play 5 rounds each. The groups will be shuffled after the first two games

Day 2

  • All 32 Players will be split into groups of 8 and play 5 rounds each. The groups will be shuffled after the first two games
  • Points are added up from Day 1 and Day 2 to see who are the top 8 players
  • Top 8 players will advance from Day 2 to Day 3

Day 3

  • The top 8 players will play in a checkmate format
  • The first player to earn 18 points, and then get 1st place in a round will be crowned the TFT Dragonlands Champion!

Regional Qualifiers

To obtain a seed into this set's championship, players from all 8 regions (Brazil, China, EMEA, Japan, Korea, LATAM, North America, and OCE) need to qualify via the regional tournaments which started in July and will be held until November. Once all tournaments are concluded, the top players in each region will  be invited to compete for the title of the TFT Dragonlands Champion and to claim the Golden Spatula trophy.

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