Pro Play By Play - G2's Clean Team Fight

Pro Play By Play - G2's Clean Team Fight

In the first week of the 2022 LEC Summer Split, G2 bounced back after the disappointing end to their MSI run. They were able to do this thanks to some very clean team fights, particularly in their game against Rogue.

The Play

State Of The Game

At the beginning of the play, G2 had won the early game fairly decisively. They had a 5k gold lead, though Rogue had focused on stacking drakes and earned themselves a Mountain Soul point. This fight was important, as RGE could stage a comeback by taking the Mountain Soul.

Both comps had strong team fighting tools. Rogue had drafted a pretty standard front-to-back comp with the Ornn, Wukong and Renata Glasc ultimates, while G2 were focused on setting up knock ups for caPs' Yasuo.

Vision Control

Heading into the fight, G2 had pressured Rogue away from the pit and prevented them from setting up any good vision:

Therefore, Rogue have to tread carefully and move together to try and contest the drake. They stick together through the river and start to place some wards down:

Considering G2 have control of the pit, they start to whittle away at the dragon. Malrang attempts to flank around the pit with Wukong, as if G2 are attacking the dragon, he can use his W to jump over the wall and try to steal it:

A Divided Team

On the other side of the fight, Odoamne takes some chip damage on Ornn after being rooted by Everfrost. At this stage in the fight, Rogue are somewhat split:

The carries (Larssen and Comp) are in the river brush, while their front line and peel (Odoamne and Trymbi) are in the brush above them. With Malrang still attempting to flank, Jankos spots the isolated carries and pounces. While Comp is stunned while casting his ult, Jankos immediately flashes and ults him:

caPs then follows up with his own ult and obliterates Comp before he has the chance to Flash away. Trymbi and Odoamne have no chance of reacting to such an instant engage, particularly as Trymbi is casting his ult on Targemas and Flakked:

With Comp dead from the Yasuo ult, BrokenBlade is able to join Jankos and caPs by using Yone's long range engage and finishes off Larssen. Both of Rogue's main carries are dead while G2 still have a lot of sustain damage from the Senna and Swain, allowing them to clean up the fight and take the Drake. From this team fight victory, G2 claim the Baron and use the Baron buff to end the game.


This was an exceptionally played team fight by G2 for 3 main reasons:

  • vision control
  • target selection
  • reaction speed

G2 translated their advantage into vision control around the pit, forcing Rogue to play tentatively and cautiously when moving into the river. They also acknowledged Aphelios and Sylas were Rogue's main threats, and realised they could blow up the immobile Aphelios who had nobody peeling for him.

The most impressive aspect of the entire fight was Jankos' reaction speed. The cast time for Aphelios' ultimate is 0.6 seconds, yet Jankos still found the engage in this miniscule window. caPs instantly followed up with his own ultimate, and Comp didn't even have the time to Flash or Galeforce away before he was dead.

Rogue can also be criticised for even contesting this drake in the first place. They didn't need to force a fight here, as G2 were clearly ahead and they could have contested the next drake when their late game carries had more time to scale. G2 punished them appropriately for this, and translated this into winning the game.

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