Power Picks - Patch 12.17

Power Picks - Patch 12.17

Now that the changes from the latest patch have settled, let's take a look at some of the best picks in the meta.


Ever since Turbo Chemtank was nerfed a few months ago, Hecarim's been in the stables instead of stomping around the Rift. Patch 12.17 adjusted all of Hecarim's abilities, buffing his damage numbers while making him less viable as a tank. These changes have proved to be a massive success, increasing his win rate from 48 to 50%.

With an emphasis on damage, Hecarim's build has changed drastically. Phase Rush is still the optimal keystone, but damage items like Divine Sunderer, Manamune and Death's Dance should now be built. Additionally, W should be maxed second as it now grants armour and MR while active.

Although Hecarim is a little more squishy, his damage output is just as incredible as his mobility. His ult is still one of the best engages in the game and can help set up devastating combos.

Miss Fortune

Just like Hecarim, Miss Fortune was changed to alter her build. Her E was nerfed drastically to deter the Arcane Comet/lethality build, while her Q and W were buffed to augment her attack damage build. Instead of focusing on poking, Miss Fortune is back to being a standard AD champion.

Maxing Q, taking Press The Attack, and building Kraken Slayer is now Miss Fortune's strongest build. PTA and Kraken Slayer and really easy to proc thanks to the attack speed gained from her W and Q applying on-hit effects. Additionally, her Q cast time now scales with attack speed, making MF much more mobile in the mid/late game.

Even after receiving a hotfix nerf reverting buffs to her W, she still has a 53% win rate and is the best ADC on the patch. Undoubtedly, Miss Fortune is first pick/ban worthy.


After struggling to find a solid place as a jungler, support or top laner, Maokai received some huge buffs in 12.17. Even though the changes buffed him in every role, he's been most successful in the top lane.

This is mainly due to the buffs to his ultimate, which now moves much faster and grants Maokai movement speed upon hitting a champion. Maokai's engage is now even more powerful, as it's much easier to follow up with W once you've rooted an enemy with your ult. Even if no enemies are hit, his ult is still one of the best zoning tools in the game.

Maokai currently has a 52% win rate in the top lane, after struggling with a dismal 47% win rate for several patches.


ADCs have been extremely strong ever since the durability patch, meaning enchanters have defined the recent support meta. They can further increase their ADCs damage while keeping them safe from any incoming threats, allowing them to shred through enemies safely.

While other enchanters have been nerfed (like Yuumi and Nami), Janna has snuck under the radar as one of the best. She provides an AD steroid with her E, is fantastic at peeling for her ADC, and can effectively disengage from all of the engage champions being played in top and jungle (like Hecarim, Jarvan and Diana).

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