Power Picks - Patch 12.15

Power Picks - Patch 12.15

Now that the changes from the latest patch have settled, let's take a look at some of the best picks on the patch.

Draven & Twitch

ADCs are in a very strong spot right now, and Draven and Twitch are amongst the best for the same reason. While the other best ADCs like Sivir and Zeri have been nerfed, these two continue to sneak under the radar and have emerged as S tier picks.

Rushing Blade Of The Ruined King on Twitch gives him an exceptional power spike early on, and he is able to decimate enemies with his ultimate. He is particularly strong when paired with an enchanter like Yuumi or Lulu, who can increase his burst damage and protect him from any incoming threats.

Meanwhile, the recent buff to Draven's passive presents him with a win-win scenario; cash in with a kill and you get a ton of gold, or continue to generate stacks to increase the execute damage of your ult. Draven excels with either enchanters or engage supports, who can set up picks for him or increase his damage.


The latest Diana build involves rushing Nashor's Tooth before pivoting to a tankier build with items like Sunfire Aegis, Demonic Embrace and Zhonya's Hourglass. When paired with Conqueror, this makes her very durable and difficult to kill in extended team fights.

This build still allows Diana to deal a lot of damage, particularly as you're rushing Nashor's Tooth when Diana's damage is at its apex. The tankier items means Diana isn't killed before she can pull off a huge ult, and is an unkillable nuisance during team fights.

Renata Glasc

Renata is undoubtedly one of the strongest supports on the patch. She deals a high amount of poke damage in the early game and has long range engage tools. Even when Bail Out doesn't get value from its resurrection, the attack and movement speed buff is great for buffing ADCs or helping catch up to escaping enemies.

Her ult is just as versatile. Its huge hit box buys so much space for your team, as it can be used as a zoning tool to force enemies away from a position. When it lands, enemies are CCd and susceptible to taking damage from you and their allies.

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