Power Picks - Patch 12.13

Power Picks - Patch 12.13

Now that the changes from the latest patch have settled, let's take a look at some of the strongest picks in the current meta.


Seraphine received a huge buff to her E, as it now slows or stuns enemies for 1.25 seconds (up from 1 second). This has has made Seraphine a premier pick given how often she can CC enemies with her E throughout the game. Her passive + E/ ultimate + E combos are now even more threatening, and can keep enemies locked down for an extended amount of time.

Additionally, Seraphine provides a ton of wave clear with her passive + Q combo. She can also be flexed as a mid, bot or support, building Liandry's Torment/ Rylai's as an AP carry, and Moonstone Renewer/Redemption as a support.


Unsurprisingly, the newest champion to hit the Rift is incredible strong. One of the main reasons for this is her passive granting bonus experience to her and an ally every time she kills the minion. This accelerates her power in the bot lane and allows her and her support to reach critical points of strength sooner, such as level 2 and level 6.

She also augments any heals/shields for herself and nearby allies, making her a fantastic pick when paired with an enchanter support. Given how strong enchanters have been since the durability update, Nilah makes these enchanters even more valuable.


Sivir's mid-scope update has landed very successfully; she currently has a 52% win rate in Platinum ranks and above, and has emerged as one of the best ADCs on the patch. She still provides a ton of wave clear between her Q/W and can help start fights with her ult, but she now packs much more of a punch in the late game.

Her ult is much more threatening, as its duration is refreshed by securing a takedown and landing basic attacks reduces the CD of Sivir's basic abilities. By comboing this with her W which now increases her attack speed, Sivir can shred through enemies and snowball fights after getting an initial kill.

Master Yi

The other champion to receive a mid-scope update was Master Yi. With an increased attack range, his build focuses on attack speed to proc his E as much as possible. Items like Blade of the Ruined King and Guinsoo's Rageblade and runes like Lethal Tempo and Legend: Alacrity have become very valuable.

Yi also has a lot more skill expression now. You can choose where Yi will land once his Q has finished, and W now greatly reduces his damage taken for 0.5 seconds after casting. If you can time your W just as the enemy uses some of their most dangerous abilities, this can help Yi survive against multiple enemies and turn a fight.

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