​​League of Legends Patch 12.2 Overview

​​League of Legends Patch 12.2 Overview

​​Patch 12.2 Overview

League’s latest patch not only introduces Zeri to the Rift, but also makes drastic changes to some champions in the bot lane and the newest drakes; let’s break them down.

Janna has been in a tricky spot for a couple of years now, struggling to find consistent success after being outclassed by other enchanters who provide more utility. Consequently, she has received a mini rework to amplify her niche strengths of peel and disengage instead of being a poke support in lane. All of her abilities have been tweaked but here are the most notable changes:

·      Basic attack range has been drastically reduced

·      Q (Howling Gale) now travels much faster

·      W (Zephyr) deals more damage but now has a significantly higher cooldown

·      Landing CC no longer reduces the cooldown of your E (Eye of the Storm), and instead increases your Heal and Shield power by 20% for 5 seconds

The laning phase used to be one of the Janna’s strongest points in the game as she would max W and poke down enemies from afar. Her damage is now drastically lower in lane, but she is now provides a lot more utility outside of the laning phase with speedy tornadoes and potent shields.

Tahm Kench has also received some notable changes to push him into the support role after being particularly oppressive in the top lane:

·      Q (Tongue Lash) has an increased slow

·      E (Thick Skin) damage stored as grey health decreased unless you are nearby 2 or more visible enemies

·      Ally shield granted by R (Devour) increased and Tahm Kench now gains movement speed when used on an ally

Senna has struggled to find her place in recent metas, so has received a large buff to her Q (Piercing Darkness) as it now slows enemies by 20% (+6% per 100AP and +10% per bonus AD) to seconds. When combined with red buff and items like Serylda’s Grudge, this makes Senna’s catch potential incredibly scary as it can help set her up for an easy W (Last Embrace). Samira has also been buffed after the recent Immortal Shieldbow nerfs, as her ultimate now deals increased damage. The last AD change is to Tristana who has been invisible for a while now; she now has increased health and health regen, which should help her be a little more durable.

The Chemtech Drake continues to be a controversial introduction from the preseason, with its Rift completely overhauling the vision game and its Soul making many team fights a 5v10. Therefore, zombies now have less health and last for a shorter amount of time, while it now takes longer to enter camouflage after using an ability while in the camouflage zones on the Chemtech Rift. This change should make it safer while playing from behind on the Chemtech Rift, as you will be able to spot more enemies in the fog and not get surprised by stealthed enemies as often. Finally, the Hextech Soul has received also received a slight damage nerf.

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