Patch 12.18 Overview

Patch 12.18 Overview

The first balancing patch of the mid-set has been released. Patch 12.18 brings in a lot of buffs and a couple of nerfs to give all compositions a chance to excel in the current meta.


Most under-picked Augments received a couple of buffs to make them more attractive to players. A new Augment was also added in 'Dragonmancer Conference', giving you more ways to boost your Dragonmancer compositions.

  • Cutthroat (Assassin) Mana Reave: 50% increased to 65%
  • NEW Silver Augment: Dragonmancer Conference. Every 2 rounds, a random Dragonmancer appears on your bench. Gain a Kai'Sa.
  • Hero-In-Training (Dragonmancer) Buff percentage: 50% increased to 66%
  • Lucky Gloves: Frontline Attack Damage-focused champions will now receive a more well-curated selection of items
  • Lucky Gloves: Now always grants full items instead of components (even at earlier Stages)
  • Lucky Gloves: Removed some weaker options to improve the average strength of the Augment
  • Ricochet (Cannoneer) Bounce Damage Reduction: 33% increased to 40%
  • Verdant Veil Crowd Control immunity duration: 15 increased to 20 seconds
  • Weakspot Armor Penetration: 20% reduced to 10%


Astral, Cannoneer, and Shimmerscale were the main targets of this patch. Astral orbs will improve with each and every Astral star level. Cannoneer nerfs are aimed at lowering the power level of Cannoneer Darkflight which is currently overperforming. Shimmerscale's payoff hasn't been high enough to warrant investing in the trait and so it received a couple of buffs.

  • Astral orb quality now only counts star levels from unique units. Stacking duplicate 3-star 1-cost units won’t result in an increase in quality beyond the first one
  • Astral Orbs quality now increases at every single star level, rather than at specific cumulative star level “breakpoints.” This means average orb quality is up across the board. Item components and full items can drop earlier than before.
  • Cannoneer cannon shot Attack Damage ratio: 150/300/475% changed to 150/250/450%
  • Dragonmancer bonus Health: 250/600/900/1200 changed to 250/600/800/1000
  • Dragonmancer bonus Ability Power: 18/30/50/75 changed to 18/30/50/70
  • Mage Ability Power buff/debuff: 75/100/125/150% increased to  80/110/140/170%
  • Ragewing enraged Attack Speed: 50/100/175/250% changed to 50/100/150/250%
  • Shimmerscale item, Crown of Champions charge up time: 6 changed to 5 sec
  • Shimmerscale item, Determined Investor Gold granted: 10 increased to  15
  • Shimmerscale item, Needlessly Big Gem Units per Gold: 3 changed to 2
  • Shimmerscale item, Goldmancers Staff chance to proc: 33% increased to 40%
  • Shimmerscale item, Goldmancers Staff base Ability Power & Mana: 15 increased to  20
  • Shimmerscale item, Mogul’s Mail Base Health: 200 increased to  350


Lagoon units were buffed due to them feeling underwhelming. Also Dragonmancer Nunu, one of the strongest compositions in the game in the previous match was heavily targeted.

  • Wukong Crushing Blow Attack Damage ratio: 165/180/195% increased to 185/200/230%
  • Aphelios Attack Speed: 0.75 ⇒ 0.7
  • Kai’Sa Tidal Burst Damage: 35/55/75 increased to 40/60/85
  • Lux Cosmic Spark animation is now slightly faster
  • Lux Cosmic Spark Damage: 350/425/575 reduced to 325/400/500
  • Lux Cosmic Spark now travels straight after hitting the initial target
  • Zac Unstable Current Heal: 200/220/270 increased to 220/250/300
  • Nunu Consume Damage Amplification as True Damage: 33% reduced to 20%
  • Nunu’s amplified Consume damage no longer scales multiplicatively with Giant Slayer’s damage amplification
  • Volibear Relentless Storm 3rd attack damage: 110/155/215 increased to 125/175/240
  • Daeja RE-REWORKED: Now deals physical damage with her passive Windblast barrages, and can now equip AD items like Deathblade and Runaan’s Hurricane
  • Daeja Attack Damage: 0 increased to 20
  • Daeja Windblast passive Barrage Damage: 40/60/180 reduced to 25/40/150

Meta Implication

Following the latest patch, Dragonmancer Nunu will become a bit weaker but still strong when compared to other compositions. Lagoon compositions might rise up after the multiple buffs to their units and take over the meta. Ragewing compositions didn't get affected that much by the latest changes and will still be a dominant force in the current meta.

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