Patch 12.17 Overview

Patch 12.17 Overview

The mid-set has finally arrived with Patch 12.17. The Uncharted Realms bring in new traits, units, augments, and items to spice up your TFT games.

Ranked rewards

Players who made it to Gold or higher will get a Dragonmancer Yasuo emote to celebrate their achievements. The rank has been soft reset one tier below each player's current standings with one exception for players who placed Master and above. They'll be reset to Diamond 4.

Players have to play five provisional matches in which they will not lose LP for fifth to eighth placements and will gain additional LP for placements in top four.


There are two new types of Treasure Dragons. The Chaos Dragon and Order Dragon each appear in 30% of games, with the remaining 40% of games bringing back the classic Treasure Dragon. The same version of the Treasure Dragon will appear for all players. The Chaos Treasure Dragon will have highly variable loot offerings with each roll while the Order Dragon guarantees a Radiant Item in addition to other bonuses.


The augment system went through a lot of changes with a number of removals, additions, and changes to existing augments.

  • Re-added to the game: Battlemage, Blue Battery (I), Golden Ticket, Knife’s Edge, Woodland Charm
  • Removed from the game: Assassin Crest, Astral Heart, Meditation, Makeshift Armor, Phony Frontline, Ragewing Crest, Whispers Crown
  • Cannoneer Crown grants: Runaan's Hurricane changed to Giant Slayer
  • Guild Crown grants: Giant Slayer changed to Protector’s Vow
  • Ragewing Crown has been changed to Ragewing Soul
  • Tempest Crown grants: Statikk Shiv changed to Hand of Justice
  • Battlemage NEW: Now grants Armor in addition to Ability Power
  • Battlemage I/II/III Armor: 15/25/35
  • Battlemage I/II/III Ability Power: 25/35/50 changed to 10/20/30
  • Big Friend Health threshold for damage reduction: 2000 changed to 1650
  • Binary Airdrop components granted: 1 changed to 2


Revel, Legend, and Trainer traits were removed from the game. Astral and Dragon were reworked and 4 new traits in Darkflight, Lagoon, Monolith, and Prodigy were added to the game. The most significant change for existing traits is for Dragons that got reworked to make them non-unique,  giving you access to multiple dragon comps.

  • Dragons are no longer unique, but they still require two unit slots
  • Dragon is now a 1/2/3/4/5 trait
  • Dragon (1): Dragons gain X HP
  • Dragon (2): Dragons also gain +20 Armor & MR
  • Dragon (3): Dragons also deal +10% Damage
  • Dragon(4): +1 Army Size
  • Dragon (5): Dragons also gain +10% Attack Speed
  • Dragons now cost 6,7, and 8 gold across the Tier 3, 4, and 5 rarity respectively.


Going into the Uncharted Realms, 24 units were removed. Instead of them, 18 new units were added with various combinations of traits from the new and old ones. Following the Dragon trait rework, all Dragon units got rebalanced by having their power brought down a notch.

  • Daeja Health: 900 decreased to 800
  • Daeja Windblast Damage: 275/375/1800 decreased to 250/335/1550
  • Daeja NEW: Daeja’s auto-attacks no longer deal physical damage
  • Daeja Attack Damage: 20 decreased to 0
  • Daeja Windblast Passive Barrage magic Damage: 20/35/150 increased to 40/55/180
  • If Daeja tries to equip Deathblade or Runaan’s Hurricane, the item will pop off with an error message
  • Idas Health: 1100 decreased to 950
  • Idas Attack Damage: 100 decreased to 90
  • Idas Golden Scales Damage Reduction: 35/55/300 decreased to 30/50/300
  • Idas Golden Scales Ally Shield: 180/275/2000 decreased to 150/250/1200
  • Shi Oh Yu Health: 900 decreased to 850
  • Shi Oh Yu Attack Damage: 90 decreased to 75
  • Shi Oh Yu Jade Form Attack Damage ratio: 250/275/1000 decreased to 230/250/1000%
  • Sy’fen Health: 1100 decreased to 900
  • Sy’fen Attack Damage: 100 decreased to 90
  • Sy’fen starting Mana nerf: 120/175 decreased to 100/175
  • Sy’fen Rampage Bite Attack Damage ratio: 500/600/3000% decreased to 475/550/2500%
  • Sy’fen Rampage Bite Armor Ignore: 50% decreased to 25%
  • Ao Shin Health: 1000 decreased to 800
  • Ao Shin Armor & Magic Resist: 50 decreased to 35
  • Ao Shin max Mana buff: 0/200 decreased to 0/175
  • Ao Shin Lightning Rain Damage: 225/400/2500 decreased to 195/305/2000
  • Aurelion Sol Health: 1000 decreased to 800
  • Aurelion Sol Armor & Magic Resist: 50 decreased to 35
  • Aurelion Sol Black Hole Damage: 375/625/5000 decreased to 325/550/4000
  • Shyvana Health: 1000 decreased to 900
  • Shyvana Attack Damage: 140 decreased to 120
  • Shyvana Dragon’s Descent Initial Impact Damage: 100/175/500 decreased to 80/150/500
  • Shyvana Dragon’s Descent Flame Breathe Damage: 1050/1650/30000 decreased to 700/1200/20000

Meta Implication

Following the newly released mid-set, the meta will shift completely. Dragons might take over the meta due to their trait rework for the first couple of weeks until players find out a suitable counter to them. With the huge abundance of dragons and them costing cheaper compared to the previous iteration, it's unlikely that they'll drop out of the meta anytime soon and will most likely be prioritized by every player in the lobby.

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