Patch 12.16 Overview

Patch 12.16 Overview

Patch 12.16 is the last patch before the mid-det launches and Riot did a couple of changes targeting outliers before completely revamping the meta with the newly added units in the next patch.


The generic augments were targeted during this patch due to them being too good in most compositions, removing an important decision during the augment choice phase if everyone picks the same type of augment every game due to it being good with any composition.

  • Axiom Arc I / II Mana on kill: 20/30 increased to 25/40
  • Best Friends Attack Speed: 10/20/30% reduced to 10/15/20%
  • Cybernetic Augments (Implant, Shell, and Uplink) Health: 125/200/300 reduced to 100/150/250
  • Hot Shot (Cannoneer) max Health true damage burn: 8% reduced to 6%
  • Lategame Specialist Gold Granted at Level 9: 40 increased to 45
  • Personal Training Base Health granted for units adjacent to Bruisers: 30 increased to 40
  • Rich Get Richer+ Gold Granted: 15 increased to 18
  • Scorch (Ragewing) Damage Amplification: 33% reduced to 25%
  • Weakspot reduced healing duration: 5 reduced to 3 seconds
  • Windfall Gold: 20/30/40 increased to 25/35/45


Cavalier alongside Trainer got slight nerfs while Bruiser and Tempest got slight buffs. Other traits remained unchanged.

  • Bruiser Health: 200/325/450/700 increased to 200/325/500/800
  • Cavalier Armor & MR: 35/60/85/110 reduced to 35/55/75/100
  • Trainer, Nomsy base Fireball Damage: 85/110/140/175 reduced to 85/105/125/155
  • Tempest Bonus Attack Speed after lightning strike: 20/50/100/200% increased to 20/50/120/250%
  • Scalescorn bonus Magic Damage Percent: 15/50/125% reduced to 15/50/115%
  • Shimmerscale, Draven’s Axe Cash Out Gold: 8 reduced to 7


This patch targeted the high-cost units with either buffs to make them more competitive or nerfs to bring their power down. The dragons in particular were targeted due to them being too powerful, forcing players to play dragon compositions or be weaker compared to their counterparts.

  • Pyke Death From Below Damage: 325/450/15000 increased to 375/475/15000
  • Pyke Death From Below Secondary Damage: 150/250/15000 increased to 180/250/15000
  • Yasuo Health: 1100 reduced to 1000
  • Yasuo Sweeping Blade Attack Damage ratio: 160/200/3000 reduced to 150/180/3000
  • Daeja Armor & Magic Resist: 40 reduced to 30
  • Daeja Windblast passive Damage: 25/40/150 reduced to 20/35/150
  • Shi Oh Yu Jade Form Damage Reduction: 20/25/50% reduced to 15/20/50%
  • Syfen Attack Damage: 110 reduced to 100
  • Syfen Armor & Magic Resistance: 70 reduced to 60
  • Xayah Attack Damage: 70 increased to 75
  • Xayah Feathers FLY! base Feather Damage: 12/20/60 increased to 15/20/60

Meta Implication

Following this patch, the meta will change and some compositions without dragons might rise up following the targeted nerfs to most dragon units. However, it's unlikely that the meta will be solved in the following two weeks considering that the mid-set will arrive next patch, which will shake up the meta once again.

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