Patch 12.14 Overview

Patch 12.14 Overview

Patch 12.14 brings in a lot of changes to increase the durability of units by adjusting attack damage. While there were a couple of strong compositions in the previous patches, the latest changes will shake up the meta once again, forcing players to seek out new strategies to stay on top.


  • Krugs (Stage 2-7) is now guaranteed to always have at least one item
  • Armory selections (Tome of Traits, Ornn Items, Radiant Items) now have their own timer displayed so you know how long until it will choose for you!


Most Soul and Crown augments were rebalanced with Riot adjusting the items the players receive by picking a Soul or Crown augment. Cruel Pact was reworked since the results were underwhelming for most players who picked this augment.

  • Cruel Pact REWORKED: Now costs 6 Tactician Health (up from 4 Health) to buy 4 XP, but you restore 3 Health per turn
  • Devastating Charge base Damage: 75 increased to 85
  • Gadget Expert bonus Damage: 40% reduced to 33%
  • Gear Upgrades base bonus Increase: 200% increased to 250%
  • Assassin Crown grants an Infinity Edge ⇒ grants a Hand of Justice
  • Cavalier Crown grants a Sunfire Cape ⇒ grants a Redemption
  • Guardian Crown grants a Gargoyle Stoneplate ⇒ grants a Sunfire Cape
  • Revel Crown grants a Statikk Shiv ⇒ grants no item
  • Scalescorn Crown grants a Giant Slayer ⇒ grants a Hand of Justice
  • Shimmerscale Soul grants a Kayn ⇒ grants a Volibear
  • Tempest Crown grants a Hand of Justice ⇒ grants a Statikk Shiv


A couple of overperforming traits were targeted in the latest set of changes. Guild and Tempest most notably were too strong and received a couple of nerfs to bring them down in line with other traits.

  • Guild base Attack Damage bonus from Talon: 10 reduced to 5
  • Legend Ability Power consumed: 40% reduced to 30%
  • Mirage Executioner Critical Strike Heath percentage threshold: 25/50/75/100% increased to 50/65/80/100%
  • Mirage Executioner Critical Strike Damage bonus: 35/40/45/50% changed to 20/30/40/50%
  • Mirage Spellsword Ability Power per auto attack: 6/9/12/16 changed to 6/10/14/18
  • Tempest percent max Health Damage: 10/20/30/45% changed to 5/20/35/50%


Units across all tiers received attack damage changes in the latest set of changes known as the durability patch. Outside of that, some units were adjusted due to being too oppressive or underwhelming while requiring a huge investment.

  • Nami Ebb and Flow Healing: 275/300/325 reduced to 175/200/225
  • Nami Ebb and Flow Damage: 100/150/200 increased to 150/200/250
  • Aurelion Sol Health: 900 increased to 1000
  • Aurelion Sol max Mana buff: 40/90 changed to 0/60
  • Aurelion Sol Black Hole Damage: 350/475/5000 increased to 400/700/5000
  • Aurelion Sol Black Hole time until increased size and damage: 20 sec reduce to 15 sec
  • Ao Shin Health: 900 increased to 1000
  • Ao Shin Lightning Rain Damage: 240/400/2500 reduced to 210/400/2500
  • Ao Shin Mana reduction: 20 reduced to 10
  • Zoe starting Mana nerf: 50/100 changed to 30/100
  • Zoe Final Spark Damage: 425/650/9001 reduced to 375/575/9001

Meta Implication

While overperforming traits and units were nerfed, due to the huge amount of attack damage changes to all units, it's hard to predict how the meta will evolve. Dragons might take over the meta considering the huge buffs they received, forcing players to play Fast 8 or lose to opponents who will pick them Dragons earlier.

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