Patch 12.11 Overview

Patch 12.11 Overview

Patch 12.11 brings the long-awaited Dragonlands set. New units, traits, and hextech augments await everyone in the first patch of the set.

New ranked season

Everyone is reset to Iron II in the new ranked season of Dragonlands. You will get 5 provisional matches after the reset, meaning you will not lose any LP for sub-top 4 placements in your first 5 ranked games of the new stage. You'll also gain extra LP for finishing top 4.

Hyper rating will be reset to 500 for everyone while Double Up will now use the metallic ranked system with the starting point being in Iron II.

Rewards for the previous set

Ranked rewards for the previous set will be handed out in the next patch instead of 12.11. Everyone who reached Gold or higher in Neon Nights (the second half of G&G) will get a celebratory emote to represent their rank.

If you placed Gold or higher at any stage of the set, then you'll get the Victorious Tocker little legend. If you managed to get Gold or higher during both halves of the set, you'll get an improved version of the little legend— the Triumphant Tocker.

Double Up and Hyper Roll players who finished Green or higher will also receive emote rewards to represent their achievements.


  • Neeko's Help has been renamed to Champion Duplicator, with a brand new icon.
  • Tome of Traits & Champion Duplicators will drop slightly less often from PVE rounds.
  • Every item tooltip has been updated, including stat icons when appropriate, and consistent language.
  • The Stage 5-6 PVE round will now only drop emblems if the trait is active.
  • The Stage 5-6 PVE round can now drop uncraftable emblems.
  • The minimum number of component items dropped from Minions, Krugs, and Wolves is now 5. Including carousel items, this now means each player will have a minimum of 9 component items before the Treasure Dragon.
  • The Treasure Dragon replaces Raptors on stage 4-7.
  • Gold coins earned from PVE rounds are now automatically collected at the end of combat.


Augment selections are moved to the beginning of a stage, allowing players to better adjust their team comp the augments which will come earlier. A one-time augment reroll was also added to the game, offering players a second chance if they got handed out bad options. The new augment rounds were moved as follows:

  • First augment: from 1-4 to 2-1
  • Second augment: from 3-3 to 3-2
  • Third augment: from 4-6 to 4-2

Gold (T2) augments are now the standard and the most common augment you can expect to see. Silver (T1) will now be seen much less, and Prismatic (T3) about the same as before. Crown and Soul augments have been reworked. Instead of granting 2 emblems or 2 towards the trait, they will now grant 1 emblem or 1 towards the trait, an item, and a unit.


Most items that had maximum health damage were adjusted due to the introduction of Dragons, which will have huge health pools. Healing and omnivamp granted by items were also reduced to avoid having a raid boss unkillable Dragon. All portable forge items were also nerfed due to their huge impact when given to players.

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