Patch 12.10 Overview - Durability!

Patch 12.10 Overview - Durability!

Multiple stat systems have been overhauled in patch 12.10, in what could be the biggest patch in League's history.

Health, Armour and MR

All champions have had their health, armour and magic resist increased:

  • Base health increased by 70
  • Health per level increased by 14
  • Armour per level increased by 1.2
  • Magic resist per level increased by 0.8

These changes were implemeneted as a reponse to a perpetually increasing amount of damage in the game. Instead of nerfing a slew of abilities, Riot have instead made all champions much more durable, and the difference is very noticeable in game.

Two classes have been affected by these buffs the most: assassins and enchanters. With all champions having more health and resistances, assassins like Rengar, Talon and LeBlanc have less one-shot potential. Meanwhile, enchanters' greatest weakness has always been their squishyness and vulnerability. However, they can now afford to play a little more aggressively with their trades and vision control.

Shields, Heals and Grievous Wounds

With all champions taking less damage, all shields and heals have been nerfed to be more in line with the new average amount of damage. These include all self-heals (e.g. Ahri's passive), ally heals/shields (e.g. Soraka's W), healing/shielding runes (e.g. Font of Life), and items (e.g. Moonstone Renewer).

Consequently, the amount of healing reduction provided by Grievous Wounds has been reduced to be more in-line with these new shield and heal values. The standard Grievous Wounds is now 30% reduced healing (down from 40%), while the empowered version when the target's health is low is now 50% (down from 60%).

Specific Champion Changes

With sweeping changes across the board, some champions adjusted to the changes better than others. Therefore, a follow up micro-patch was released focused on champion outliers.

Some champions with abilities that deal damage based on health weren't affected as much by the increases to armour and MR. Therefore, Kayle, Vayne and Senna all received some follow up nerfs:

  • Kayle - health growth reduced to 92, down from 99
  • Base magic resistance reduced to 22, down from 26
  • E (Starfire Spellblade) now deals less damage based on target's missing health

  • Vayne - base health reduced to 550, down from 585
  • W (Silver Bolts) now deals less damage based on target's missing health

  • Senna - base health reduced to 560, down from 590
  • Passive (Absolution) now deals less damage based on target's missing health

Meanwhile, other champions whose kits were centred on healing struggled after the nerf to their heals. Therefore, Vladimir, Yuumi and Renekton have received some compensatory buffs:

  • Vladimir - Q (Transfusion) base heal increased
  • Q (Transfusion) additional heal AP ratio increased
  • Q (Transfusion) additional heal against minions increased

  • Yuumi - E (Zoomies!) heal increased
  • E (Zoomies!) mana cost reduced

  • Renekton - Q (Cull the Meek) cooldown reduced
  • Q (Cull the Meek) base healing against champions increased
  • Q (Cull the Meek) empowered healing against champions increased


This patch is one of the most influential in the game's history, and the game now feels very different to play. It will take time before the meta stabilises once players have adjusted to these changes, so expect more volatile balance changes to come over the next few weeks!

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