Patch 1.12: Auto-Update & Flex Rank Bug Fix

August 27, 2021

Our Fair Play & Anti-Cheat Patch 1.12 is smaller than expected because we are working on two bigger systems that will further boost the integrity and fairness of the ecosystem by several orders of magnitude. We are working hard to balance out the system and will release the two modules shown below over the next 2 weeks.

System Updates

2x/Day Auto-Tier Update

We will now check for rank promotions and games twice a day, ensuring our tiers accurately reflect improvements in skill levels. Note: no tier demotions due to solo queue rank demotions and decay.

Flex Rank Bug Fix

We’ve fixed the bug related to users being placed in Poro
tier because of their Flex rank. Effective immediately, users will be placed in their respective tier.

New Features (+ coming soon)

LFG / Solo Player

Want to join our tournaments but don’t have a team? Can’t find enough teammates? We’ve got you covered with the release of our latest feature.
From now on, you can join our tournaments by yourself!

Games Requirement & Decay Provision Modules

We will implement a minimum historic ranked games requirement for next patch. Stay tuned for the number. In addition, the next patch will include a system to identify account decay and place decayed accounts in the right tier.


About Gamercraft

Gamercraft is a full-service esports tournament app striving to fill the gap between the amateur players and the professionals by delivering engaging and fair competitive experiences for gamers at all skill levels through our skill-adjusted League of Legends tournaments and leagues. With full game integration, automatic results, AI-powered anti-smurfing detection, and an always evolving set of features, Gamercraft is the go-to app for creating and managing your own team with over $25,000 of prizes (and growing) available monthly through our tournaments.

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