MSI Semi Finals - Could EG take down RNG?

MSI Semi Finals - Could EG take down RNG?

The stage was set for the first MSI Semi Final, as EG prepared to face off against RNG. EG were the clear underdogs heading into the matchup after RNG crushed the Rumble Stage, but could they recreate Team Liquid's magic from 2019?

RNG Decimate in Game 1

RNG started the series off by obliterating the LCS representatives, destroying the nexus in 27 minutes with a grand total of one death. EG drafted courageously, leaving open the potent Galio and Kai'Sa picks and answering with the unexpected Nocturne jungle and Corki mid. Corki's long range poke could out range the Galio and use his W to escape, while the Nocturne could use his ultimate to match Kai'Sa's.

However, their draft wasn't given the chance to come online as RNG steamrolled ahead with a flawless tower dive in the top lane:

Not only was the Rift Herald able to take the turret plates and absorb the turret aggro, but RNG chained their Jarvan and Galio CC beautifully to lock down Inspired and jojopyun. From there, RNG were unstoppable and refused to give EG any hope of a comeback. This included a clean 2v1 from Bin on Gwen:

EG Bite Back in Game 2

Game 2 started off drastically different, with EG pivoting in draft by banning 3 of the 5 champions RNG had used in Game 1. With Galio, Gwen and Kai'Sa taken off the table, RNG drafted Lissandra, Wukong, Rakan and GP for a ton of wombo-combo potential. Meanwhile, EG opted for some of their most comfortable and powerful champions: Imapct on Ornn, Danny on Jinx, and Inspired on Viego.

The early game was much closer this time around, until a 10 minute fight around the dragon pit:

EG picked off Ming's squishy Rakan, and used the Viego resets to trample over RNG and earn a meaningful gold lead for the first time in the series. They retained this lead for a while, and the game remained close. However, the game exploded when EG tried to rush down the Baron as multiple RNG members were coming back from a reset:

Had EG pulled the trigger sooner or just had a bit more DPS for the Baron, taking it could have swung the game completely in their favour. Unfortunately for them, RNG made it in time and used the Wukong and Lissandra ultimates to control the confined space. Though EG killed 4 RNG members, Ming was able to survive and used the Baron buff to take down an inhibitor. From there, RNG had full control and were able to take the Cloud Soul, and eventually, the game:

RNG Overstep in Game 3

Now up 2-0, RNG locked in a nearly identical draft for Game 2, only dropping the Rakan for Braum. EG also changed their bot lane, locking in Miss Fortune and Nautilus instead of Jinx and Tahm Kench. The early game started in a very similar fashion to Game 1, and it looked like RNG would cruise through to the finals. With a 7k gold lead and a Hextech Soul, RNG looked to close out the series:

Despite the clean engage on the EG back lane, Inspired's Viego was critical to EG turning this fight. He and Impact blew up the incredibly fed Xayah, and used the slew of items she had to shred through RNG. Off the back of this fight, EG took the Baron and multiple objective bounties. Chaos then ensued as RNG won a fight around the Elder Drake and tried to destroy the Nexus:

Not only did RNG misjudge the combined damage of the turrets, jojopyun's Ahri, and Impact's Ornn, and are brutally punished for overstepping instead of retreating and taking the Elder Drake. Consequently, EG are able to secure the Elder and had a huge opportunity to come back in the game.

However, RNG stayed composed and rushed down the Baron while EG were resetting and answering the pushing minion waves. This essentially nullified the Elder Drake, as EG couldn't force a fight while RNG played defensively and buffed up minion waves. Once the Elder buff had worn off, RNG found a pick on jojopyun and swiftly won the game:


The outcome of this game was not a surprise: RNG were the heavy favourites heading into the game, and look like the best team at the tournament. Though EG were eliminated, they have a lot to be proud of by going toe-to-toe with the MSI finalists, taking down T1 in the Rumble Stage, and having native NA talent show up on the international stage.

Meanwhile, RNG were undoubtedly the better team today and still look terrifying. However, they arguably played with some arrogance against EG by overstepping several times throughout the series, and could have revealed a chink in their armour.

T1 and G2 face off tomorrow to decide who will face RNG in the finals, and it's anybody's series to take.

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