MSI Semi Finals - T1 and G2's Rivalry Continues

MSI Semi Finals - T1 and G2's Rivalry Continues

While it was easy to predict that RNG would 3-0 EG (which they ended up doing), there were a lot more question marks heading into today's series between T1 and G2. T1 have been ramping up over the tournament and ended the Rumble Stage taking down RNG. Meanwhile, G2 defined the early stages of the competition with their 25 game win streak and victories over T1 and RNG; would this version of G2 show up today, or would their recent slump continue?

T1 Stomp in Game 1

The series began with a surprise in the draft when Faker locked in the Tristana mid against caPs' Galio. Even though  Tristana has fantastic scaling, Faker was able to accelerate this power spike by taking advantage of a botched tower dive by G2:

The early game continued to be very scrappy with both teams trading kills across the map, but T1 were playing the map better. At around 9 minutes, G2 successfully pulled off a tower dive in the bot lane thanks to a roam from caPs, but T1 took 2 turrets in the mid lane by popping the Rift Herald. Despite a 5-5 scoreline, T1 had accrued over a 5k gold lead by 15 minutes.

T1 continued to dominate by playing the map, taking down 7 towers by 20 minutes before G2 had taken a single one for themselves. Once the Baron spawned and T1 had denied all vision, they rushed it down and used the buff to swiftly close out the game.

Deja Vu in Game 2

Both teams continued to scrap in the early game, but yet again, T1 came out ahead with better map play. They were able to take more turret plates, farm, and have cleaner skirmishes, including this beautiful play by Oner's Lee Sin and Gumayusi's Xayah:

T1 continued to eek out advantages, but G2 stabilised in the mid game and kept the gold difference moderately close. Their mechanical prowess turned several critical skirmishes, including this excellent prediction by BrokenBlade on Sion:

However, T1 re-established absolute control over the game with another play around the Baron. G2 were heading to the bot lane to take the Cloud Drake and earn themselves Soul point, so T1 immediately cleared the Baron vision and started to rush it down:

Keria's Flash over the wall to CC chain caPs was sheer brilliance, playing with conviction and taking advantage of a small opportunity to help blow up G2's most fed member. Once again, T1 used the Baron to shred through G2's base and close out the game, going up 2-0 in the series.

T1 Obliterate G2

There's no sugar coating Game 3, as T1 ended G2's tournament in a brutal fashion. The game was reminiscent of pre-2018 esports, when there was a vast chasm between Eastern and Western regions and taking down an Eastern team felt impossible. T1 suffocated G2, and were earning gold at a disgusting rate:

Play after play, G2 were throwing everything they had at the indomitable T1, but nothing was working; T1 continued to crush the hopes of G2 and Western fans alike:

G2 hold the title for the fastest finals victory when they won MSI in 2019 against Team Liquid. This year, however, they were on the receiving end of a swift loss when T1 closed out the game in less than 21 minutes:

Highlight Play

Faker once again proved why he is the greatest player of all the time, as he played mindgames with caPs:

This clip is the quintessential solo queue play you see on Reddit, except Faker has the nerve, composure and foresight to pull it off in an MSI semi-final.

With their ferocious victory, T1 qualify for another international final against the LCK. With both teams winning their semi-finals 3-0, they are both heading into the final on phenomenal form, and the audience is in for a treat as these titans face off.

Meanwhile, G2 have a lot to be proud of. Expectations for this team weren't very high at the beginning of the split, and after finishing the LEC regular season in fourth place, they were far from favourites in the playoffs. However, their incredible 25 win streak will be remembered as one of the greatest in League's history.

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