MSI Rumble Stage, Day 4 Overview - The Day of Upsets

MSI Rumble Stage, Day 4 Overview - The Day of Upsets

On the most astonishing day of the tournament, there were a slew of upsets as the leaderboard and power rankings were thrown into chaos.

EG strike down T1

Despite EG looking solid throughout the Rumble Stage, few expected them to be able to take down T1. This was especially true when T1 commanded the early game with cleanly executed tower dives and Rift Herald control, earning them a 5k gold lead. However, just like in several other games in the tournament,  T1 forced an extremely early Baron and completely flipped the game:

Keria used the Taric ult way too early, and presented Impact with the perfect opportunity to shred through T1 with a phenomenal barrel combo. Although T1 were able to stabilise by winning fights around the drake to earn a Hextech Soul point, they yet again forced a Baron and were severely punished for it:

EG had drafted an excellent comp to punish T1’s obsession with Baron, as the Gangplank ultimate and barrels, Jinx rockets, and Galio CC were inescapable when T1 were locked in the Baron pit. After finding a few members isolated in the mid lane, EG smelled blood in the water and used their Nocturne/Galio ult combo to pick them off. They stormed down the mid lane, and defeated T1.

Though this game was a case of T1 throwing more than EG dominating the game, they did a fantastic job punishing T1 for their greed and mistakes. This was an incredible showing for the LCS squad, and has drastically bolstered their chances of making it to the Knockout Stage.

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G2 continue to slump

The surprises didn’t end there, as G2 had another 0-2 day after beginning the tournament in such dominant fashion. It would have been acceptable to write off yesterday’s 0-2 performance as a bad day at the office or the product of experimental drafts, but they are now 4-4 and in a precarious position.

They were obliterated by PSG in the first game of the day, and though they started strong in their game against T1, they allowed Gumayusi’s signature Aphelios to free farm in the bot lane. This early freedom accelerated his power spike while G2's comp had no hard CC, allowing Gumayusi to demolish team fights and help T1 crush G2 in 21 minutes.

Saigon Buffalo step up

While G2 may be struggling, their saving grace may come in the form of the Saigon Buffalo after they had their best day of the tournament. Not only were they able to defeat PSG for their first win in the Rumble Stage, but they came incredibly close to taking down the first place RNG. They had secured Baron and were sieging in the top lane, but succumbed to the heat of the moment and over-extended:

This was a heartbreaking defeat, as they came so close to the biggest upset in the tournament. Instead, this loss meant they would not be able to qualify for the Knockout Stage.

Nevertheless, with the pressure off and the ability to play for nothing but pride, they took down PSG. If PSG were to tie with G2, they would automatically advance to the Knockout Stage as they hold the 2-0 record. However, between this loss and EG’s surprising victory over T1, PSG find themselves in fifth place and their backs against the wall:

Highlight Play

Saigon Buffalo executed a beautiful team fight in their match against RNG:

Froggy lands an exceptional Flash/Charm onto Xiahou, before BeanJ finds GALA with his ultimate. Both of RNG's carries were instantly deleted, and SGB were able to the take the Baron off the back of this play.

Excitingly, only RNG have locked a spot in the Knockout Stage heading into the final day of the Rumble Stage. There is still so much to play for tomorrow, with G2, EG and PSG all fighting tooth and nail to secure a spot in the next round, and nobody looking like a clear favourite to advance.

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