MSI Pro Play By Play - G2's Incredible Team Fight

MSI Pro Play By Play - G2's Incredible Team Fight

During the first day of the MSI Rumble Stage, G2 were able to win a team fight against T1 despite being in a gold deficit; let's break down how they did it.

State Of The Game

T1 had won the early game handedly, taking 4 turrets, 3 drakes, and earning a 3k gold lead. Both teams drafted had potent team-fighting champs: T1 had Kennen's ult, Rell's ult, and Viego's reset potential, while G2 had knock-ups on every single champion to set up a wombo-combo with Yasuo's ultimate.

An Aggressive Barin

The play begins with T1 rushing Baron, after pushing out the top wave and forcing G2's BrokenBlade to respond. This was a rather aggressive play, as G2 had vision in the pit and several members nearby:

Nevertheless, T1 seize the moment and attempt to zerg the Baron down with Viego and Tristana's damage. Faker pops the Twisted Fate ultimate to grant full vision on G2 and to teleport to the top-side river entrance, zoning G2 away with the threat of a gold card:

Targamas inches toward the Baron pit, placing a ward down in the river bush and absorbing the TF gold card. He is able to avoid any follow up by using Rakan's E on Flakked to retreat back to his team. Meanwhile, BrokenBlade's Ornn has cleared the pushing top wave and joins the fight by teleporting on the ward placed by Targamas:

Tracking and CCing Kennen

Both teams respond appropriately to the incoming teleport. T1 respect the threat of an Ornn while they are clumped together, so back away from the Baron. Meanwhile, G2 now have their front line and long-range engage tool joining the skirmish, so start to move forward toward T1.

Despite their fear of the Ornn, T1 have a trick of their sleeve: Zeus is in G2's jungle and is preparing to flank them on Kennen. With his Flash available, a Flash+Kennen ult could be devastating for G2. Critically, G2 have a ward in the jungle brush and can spot out the incoming Kennen:

Just as T1 are about to devastate G2 with a double Flash and ult combo from Rell and Kennen, Targamas acknowledges this threat and denies Zeus' engage with Rakan's W:

As the knock-up is wearing off, Flakked uses Kalista's ult so Targamas can CC the Kennen again. This CC combo nullifies most of the Kennen ult, and though Zeus is able to Flash into G2 once the CC has worn off, it's largely ineffective:

  • Keria's Rell ult has nearly ended
  • Flakked is split off from the fight and isn't damaged by the Kennen ult
  • Jankos has used Zhonya's Hourglass and is in stasis

With the Kennen ult over, T1 are relying upon the TF and Tristana damage to clean up the fight. However, G2 are able to block most of their incoming damage with a very well-placed Wind Wall from caPs' Yasuo:

G2 then clean up the fight by taking advantage of having so many enemies clumped together. Diana and Yasuo's AoE damage finish off T1, and G2 take the Baron for themselves off the back of this play.


This fight was played superbly by Targamas; he realised the most threatening aspect of T1's team fight (a Rell and Kennen ult combo), and stopped the Kennen from pulling off this combo. Without his tracking and CC, Zeus would have gotten off a huge Flash+ult combo, and this fight would have looked very different.

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