LEC and LCS - Finals Recap

LEC and LCS - Finals Recap

New LEC and LCS champions were crowned over the weekend, as Cloud 9 and Rogue dismantled 100T and G2. Both series finished with 3-0 sweeps, and incredible performances across the board.

Rogue Conquer Their Demons

Rogue's splits have been a tale of two halves over the last few years. They've performed brilliantly during the regular season, often securing a first or second seed heading into playoffs, but crumbled when faced with intense best-of-5s. Though they managed to make finals twice, both ended in crushing defeats to MAD and G2.

Rogue were also the underdogs heading into the weekend; they had to bounce back from their 3-0 defeat to G2, grind FNC's momentum to a halt, and then take down a G2 who looked ferocious throughout playoffs. The odds were stacked against them, but they didn't care.

Each member of Rogue played exceptionally throughout the finals. Malrang was unstoppable on his signature Jarvan, finding creative ganks and engages that constantly caught G2 off guard. Trymbi was a peerless bastion for his team who demonstrated absolute mastery over enchanters, helping Comp stay deathless throughout the series and even achieve a penta kill:

However, the day ultimately belonged to Odoamne. After 8 years of professional play, he finally lifted his first LEC trophy and embodied the resilience, hunger and grit required to be one of League's finest competitors. The entire stadium erupted to show their support for one of the legends of the LEC, who finally claimed his throne.

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Cloud 9 Stomp

Over in the LCS, Cloud 9 finished their incredible comeback story from Spring with a 3-0 against 100 Thieves. They eviscerated their opposition at every opportunity, closing out each game in less than 30 minutes.

Cloud 9 demonstrated their draft versatility with some surprise picks in the finals. Jensen drew inspiration from Bjergsen by playing Zilean mid, while Blaber utilised a Nocturne jungle in a nasty dive combo with Kennen top and Lulu support.

This is the fifth time C9 have won the LCS in the organisation's history, with their last victory coming in Spring 2021. However, it's the first time they're heading into Worlds as NA's first seed. Given they're the most successful team NA has sent to Worlds after their top 4 finish in 2018, fans should have a lot of confidence in their LCS champions heading into the tournament.


We now have a few weeks before Worlds kicks off, where Cloud 9 and Rogue will compete against the best teams from across the globe.

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