League of Legends Patch Overview: 11.11

April 27, 2021

Patch 11.11 primarily focuses on buffing enchanters and tanks, alongside some nerfs to some of the most dominant champions on the rift.

Lee Sin, Qiyana, Rumble and Morgana nerfed

These champions have been dominating for a while now, and have received some justified nerfs. Morgana has had her jungle clear nerfed dramatically, as her Tormented Soil (W) now deals 30% less damage to monsters. Rumble jungle has also had his clear speed nerfed, as his Overheated damage cap to monsters has been reduced from 120 to 80. These nerfs may be enough to knock both of these champions out of the jungle and back into a lane. 

Meanwhile, Lee and Qiyana have received less severe nerfs: Lee’s Tempest (E) has had its cooldown increased by 1 second, and Qiyana’s Terrashape (W) grants her 2% less movement speed.

qiyana league of legends champion patch notes breakdown nerf buff


After a minor rework in 11.8, Moonstone Renewer’s in-combat effect will now grant 6% Heal and Shield power per stack. Considering this can stack up to 5 times for a maximum total of 30% Heal and Shield power increase, this will allow the heal and shield-based enchanters to produce some incredibly strong heals and shields during an extended fight. Keep in mind Moonstone users are able to maintain their stacks if they stay in combat, meaning it’s possible for enchanters to have a 30% increase to their heals and shields from this item alone for the majority of fights. Though Shurelya's Reverie has tended to be a better choice for enchanters since the Moonstone rework, this buff may give the edge to Moonstone Renewer once again. Staff of Flowing Water has also received a small buff, as its passive effect now grants slightly more Ability Power. 

Seraphine seems to be a beneficiary of these buffs, alongside a dramatic increase to her Surround Sound’s (W) shield. Moonstone has always been Seraphine’s best option, as the long cooldown on her Surround Sound (W) makes it difficult to consistently proc Shurelya's Reverie and maximise its value. Now, with an increased shield, the potential for 30% Heal and Shield power from Moonstone Renewer alone, and the fact Surround Sound’s (W) heal scales with missing health and the amount of nearby allies, Seraphine can put out some truly disgusting heals and shields during extended teamfights. After being subdued for the last few patches, we may see Seraphine back on the perma-ban list.

Wardstone receives some much-needed love

Stirring Wardstone is arguably the most neglected and forgotten-about item introduced in the pre-season, offering supports an increase to the amount of control wards they can hold and place down. However, its steep cost and lack of worthwhile stats prevent it from being particularly useful.

The item has been reworked into something much more appealing. It still costs 1100 gold and no longer increases the amount of wards supports can place down, but now provides 10 Ability Haste and 150 Health straight away. If you are level 13 and have completed the Support starting item quest (which you will have done in 99.9% of scenarios by level 13), the item will upgrade for free, granting an additional 5 Ability Haste and increasing your Ability Power, Ability Haste, bonus Attack Damage and bonus Health by 12%. 

It’s difficult to predict how this item will impact the support item meta – the item is still quite expensive for supports and no longer increases the number of wards you can place down, which was one of its biggest strengths. However, the free upgrade at level 13 to grant extra Ability Haste and 12% bonus stats could make this the best item to buy after finishing your first legendary item, as supports will be close to level 13 at around this time and can struggle to complete a second legendary item given their limited income.


Finally, Tanks have had several of their core legendary items buffed primarily through the Rock Solid passive. Frozen Heart has also had its attack speed slow increased, while Warmog’s Armour now requires a smaller amount of bonus health to grant its passive instead of a high amount of total health. These buffs, along with a couple of small buffs to Sunfire Aegis over the last few patches, could lead to a resurgence in tanks played in the jungle and top lane.


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