League of Legends Patch Overview: 11.15

April 27, 2021

Patch 11.15 Overview

Patch 11.15 finally brings some nerfs to some of the Rift’s strongest champions, and looks to bring back some mages and ADs in the Mid and Bot lanes.

Gwen, Viego and Irelia

Gwen has been a powerhouse ever since her release, with inherent mobility, sustain and burst potential. Though the bonus attack speed granted by her Skip ‘N Slash (E) has been reduced in the early game, this is unlikely to have a major impact on her overall strength given how versatile and potent the rest of her kit is. For the time being, she still belongs on the perma-ban list.

Viego has also seen some adjustments: Blade of the Ruined King (Q) has had its damage reduced in the early game and the healing against marked targets has been drastically reduced (from 50% to 10%), limiting his damage and sustain in lane. However, it now deals extra bonus damage against monsters which should help Viego’s clear speed in the Jungle. Viego has still retained his excellent snowball potential in team fights thanks to his resets, and this nerf is unlikely to drastically affect his overall power.

After a series of changes in Patch 11.14, Irelia became an incredibly oppressive champion. Consequently, her Defiant Dance (W) has had its damage ratio and damage reduction decreased, making her slightly more vulnerable. Riot have stated they are keeping an eye on Irelia to see how these changes land, so we may see future adjustments to Irelia. 

Mid Lane

Sylas is a versatile champion, flexing into 3 lanes and offering high damage with incredible sustain. Riot have shifted his power around, greatly decreasing the healing done by Kingslayer (W) but slightly increasing the detonation damage of his Chain Lash (Q). Overall, this will likely be a nerf to Sylas’s overall strength given how potent his sustain was.

Mages have struggled since the pre-season item rework introducing difficult Mythic Item build paths.Therefore, Syndra and Cassiopeia have been buffed in the early game to help them through this early game power trough. Syndra’s Dark Sphere (Q) now costs a lot less mana in the early game, while Cassiopeia’s Twin Fang (E) deals 10 more empowered damage; both of these changes should help these mages with early game trading.

Bot Lane

With enchanters like Lulu and Yuumi becoming more powerful in the meta, Caitlyn could also see a resurgence thanks to her hyper-carry potential. Additionally, her Piltover Peacemaker’s (Q) damage ratio has been greatly increased at its max rank, meaning we could see this sheriff return to the Rift.

Xayah has received a number of small buffs over recent patches, despite the fact she is already a good AD with good synergy with engage and enchanter supports. Patch 11.15 is no exception, as her Featherstorm’s (R) has been drastically reduced at all ranks, increasing her survivability. This change may be enough to push her back into the S+ tier.


With no dramatic changes, Patch 11.15 is unlikely to have a major impact on the state of the meta. However, with some small changes to champions in every role, some of the strongest picks could shift around.


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